8 months ago

Westlake Place April 2018


WESTLAKE PLACE HOA POOL AND SLIDE RULES NO EXCEPTIONS: - ALL 2018 POOL TAGS will be collected by the life guards when entering the Pool area. ONLY Westlake Residents with current 2018 POOL tags will be allowed in to the pool area to swim or watch their Children. This is to protect our Children and families. GENERAL POOL RULES: 1. LIFEGUARDS HAVE ULTIMATE AUTHORITY. 2. No running or rough play. 3. No diving. 4. Only small floating items, upon pool manager’s discretion will be allowed in pool. 5. No pets are permitted on pool premises. 6. No cut-offs allowed in the pool. 7. Residents who have guests must sign them in and be responsible for them at all times. Each resident is allowed two guests per adult tag. Guests cannot be residents of Westlake Place HOA. 8. All children under 10 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age unless they have passed the lifeguard swim test, have a parental note on file and have a valid pool tag. A child must be at least 8 years of age to take the swim test. 9. No swimming after designated swimming hours unless special arrangements have been made through the pool liaison or the Board of Directors. 10. No one will be admitted without proper identification (current pool tag). 11. No loud music around the pool area. All music must be family appropriate and contain no profanity or explicit lyrics. 12. There will be a designated ten minutes rest period the last ten minutes of each hour for all swimmers under 18 years of age. 13. No alcohol or glass containers allowed in pool area. 14. No profanity. No smoking. This is a smoke free facility. 15. No motorized pool items are allowed. POOL SLIDE RULES: 1. The slide will be open the first thirty (30) minutes of each hour or at the lifeguard’s discretion. 2. In order to use the pool slide you must have a valid pool tag. NO EXCEP- TIONS 3. One person at a time up the stairs. 4. NO running, standing, kneeling, tumbling or stopping on flumes or in tunnels. 5. NO running on stairs. 6. Slide in a feet first, hands behind the head sitting position or on the back only. 7. NO head first sliding at any time. 8. One rider at a time. Wait until landing area is clear before entering the slide. 9. Leave plunge area immediately after exiting from the slide. No one is allowed in the deep end while the slide is open. 10. The following types of conduct are prohibited: Horseplay Running on staircase Diving or flipping while exiting the slide Possession of any toy Use of any clothing on the slide other that swimwear Wearing any comb, bracelet, watch or other jewelry 11. No foreign objects are allowed on the pool slide MAXIMUM CAPACITY OF THE POOL SLIDE IS 300 LBS. Westlake Place News