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Self Awareness


C) STRESS ANALYSIS 1. What’s the major stress you are dealing with? Explain it in detail. 2. What is the main pain point of your stress? 3. Where do you feel stress in your body and how is the feeling eg. aches, discomfort or anything else? 4. Where do you feel stress in your mind and how would you describe that? 5. What according to you is the underlying Trigger of your stress? List as many as you can.

6. What belief is/are your stressful reaction based on? Try to write as many as you can. 7. Which of your values is getting compromised under this stressful situation? 8. Which belief/s need to be removed in order for you to get the desired outcome (which is coming out of pain and stressful zones) 9. Which beliefs can you cultivate in your life to become mentally strong and build a Power Mindset 10. How would you cultivate that in your life. Give an example of personal situation?

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