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Jopa-Kollektion 2018

dat created for riders,

dat created for riders, by riders Our passion for Off-Road allowed us to create an helmets that include everything you need for high performance, without overlooking the details Just1 Helmets was launched officially at 2011 Eicma show. Since then, Just1 has come a long way and what was only a project became a reality. in this long year, helmets manufactured by Just,1 have been tested by some of the best riders in the world, in the most diffucult conditions. The helmets have succesfully passed the strict homologations test of approval, and the production process was launched. On the market since May 2012, Just1 Helmets found the approval of distributors, dealers and retailers conquereing international markets. Equipped with advanced technial solutions, the first project “ Just1 Helmets’ was born to design and create an off-road helmets, which combines togheter the important concepts of style, technological innovation and Safety. Afther the succesfull begin on the worldwide off-road market, in which it achieved relevant goals, both in terms of sport and commercial, Just1 helmets signed an important agreement with the American brand NITEK, for a successfull venture. NITEK, a brand born in Los Angeles, is the acronym of “ New for Innovative Teknology”. it shares the same philosophy with Just1: Style, Innovative Technology and Safety together with the passion for motorsport.

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