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Jopa-Kollektion 2018

The origins Our origins

The origins Our origins are in our territory and in its traditions. The experience and the productive know-how acquired over the almost 40 years of activity have their roots in a small company that was founded in the early ‘70’ s by Riccardo Simoni for manufacturing products in fiberglass and composites; so was born VEMAR. Vemar stands for VEtroresine, MARemmane, fiberglass from Maremma. Lead by the idea to use the resistance, the strength and the versatility of composite materials for providing a new way of storage and preservation of alimentary liquids to companies of the eonology and olive oil sectors, which are especially spread out in our area in Southern Tuscany, Maremma. The birth of VEMAR helmets The idea didn’t come from race tracks and roads, but the success achieved by the productions dedicated to the sectors of oenology and olive oil. Which helped for having a small local company to grow fast into an international industry. In 1986, pursuing the company’s strategy of product line diversification and in particular, following an intuition arisen from the newly introduced road safety regulation that was placing Italian riders under the obligation of wearing protective helmets. Riccardo Simoni opened into the existing company of VEMAR HELMETS, where he poured out all of his e xperience in composite materials processing techniques which he gained in the previous decade of activity. Our identity The fast-growing company over the years of OEM productions and from which the resulting expertise made the protective helmet for motorcyclists became the core-business of the company. In 1992, after having been enhanced by a potentiating research and development department and by establishing a new and modern laboratory equipped with machinery able to perform in-house conquered the most stringent homologation tests. Our company begun to conquer an own marketplace and an own identity by undertaking at first in Italy and immediately after everywhere in Europe, the distribution of exclusive products with the brand VEMAR HELMETS. 116

The recent years Being aware that a quality product can grow exclusively from a dynamic reality, open to markets, highly specialized and able to understand the consumer’s needs. Over the years we undertook a never stopping itinerary of evolution and engineering. The industrial and commercial activity to date the original headquarters of the industrial facilities in Grosseto have been expanded to the current 25.000 m2 and we have been able to make our products known and to export them in more than 40 countries in the world. The evolution and the technical research of the recent years have led to the application of more and more innovative and light materials having also highest properties in terms of resistance to impacts. These materials have been in fact the starting point for the development of our TriComp and Maxx-3C compounds, where the use of the different types of fibers; -carbon, fiberglass, aramid fibers, titanium and Dyneema. Each one with its own specs (specialties) in terms of resistance and behaviour as regards to torsional penetration, bending and compression stresses – requires a production process that considers even the variability of the materials to be used depending on which purpose the helmet is being built for. The future Our willpower to measure ourselves with and always greater challenges to compare it to, is the key of our never-ending improvement. Over the years we always have been looking with great interest to any segment needing head protection devices and the most natural evolution has been the wide diversification of productions that lead us towards ways that are far from the motorcycle world. Further to the VEMAR helmets collection and to the OEM productions for the motorcycle markets, we also engineer and build on behalf on some of the most known brands of the automotive sector. Which provides a wide range of car racing helmets, each one especially thought and built to fully respond to different demands of use and different homologation standards. Furthermore, and with a bit of pride, we can state that we are officially accredited suppliers of several European Police and Civil Guard forces (CGF), as well as of the Italian Ministry of Defence and of the NATO agency. The scientific progress and the innovation of materials, the never-ending experimentation, the use of modulable densities and, above all, our own will to offer to the end user a product as much advanced and safe as possible. This led us to reach performances that were unimaginable till few years ago. Nevertheless, we can’t say to have reached our target and thus we will keep studying, working and experimenting in order to be able to offer an always more efficient and complete production. 117

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