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Jopa-Kollektion 2018

About zandona Zandonà

About zandona Zandonà begins his story in 1985, based in one of the most important industrial districts in the world, engaging in Research and Development of solutions for plastics-technology. In 1997 began the study and the implementation of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that will be completed and market worldwide since 2001. Since 2001 Zandonà is a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the implementation of PPE, exclusively designed, certified and produced in Italy. The experience gained over time allows the company to offer innovative products, high in quality and covered by a functional design. technology Zandonà products are realized using the last technical contents and conceived over the great staff experience on this sector, supported by prestigious external designs, testing and certification studies. The ergonomic study is the basis of development for each product. Key feature is comfort. Particular attention is paid to used materials: special and of Italian/European origin, breathable and supported by structures with holes for ventilation. The design takes advantage of technical engineering studies and experiences to optimise weight and thickness, developing complex structures with ergonomic and differentiated shaping. Deformable to impact structures, “anti-Torsion back protectors structures movement control, irregular honey combs for maximum dispersion of impact energy, are just some of the technical components of our main products. protection concept Most of our protectors are made by coupling materials of different nature and composition, in order to optimise the general performance and to get different qualities according to the specific needs of the product. The coupling of Plastic Plate + Shock absorber + Support Layer allows our protectors to offer Anti-Drilling and Anti-Intrusion + Absorbing Characteristics + Breathable and Softness, while having the possibility of applying to the products further protective systems like Anti Torsion or Deformable structure for dissipation of energy. protective systems the energy-absorbing is not the only protective feature to be taken into consideration when choosing a back protector: anti-drilling, anti-intrusion and torque-resistanse are further protective features you can find in our products. Many competitive producst use the fact of achieving high level of absoritopn to be concidert better than others, without drawing the attention of concumers on the high thickness and/or weight that htese products had to assume to reach such high-absorption levels, while even other important features have been lost to this end. our Research and Evelopment laboratory has always worked oto meet not only the requirements necesary to get product-certificantion, but focusing on the fact that a protector must be nicely worn an should be able to offer even more comfort.


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