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Jopa-Kollektion 2018

da PMJ, proudly made in

da PMJ, proudly made in Italy. the passion of a company who works in the fashion manufacturing since 30 years, for an innovative product proudly made in italy. The idea The idea was to create an amazing jeans to enjoy a ride on the bike, a nice garment to wear but could also limit or at least reduce the damage caused by a fall, something that could protect the body and the skin from laceration. history All born in 2009 from the passion of a biker and the capabilities of a company operating for thirty years in the fashion manufacturing. After a year of study and planning, we created a “nice stylish product” and at the same time engineered garment to ride bike. Goal The PMJ Collection we created plays well the needs and details that motorcycle technical clothing should have: comfort, safety and convenience. We tested it before give it to the market and first to offer it to the customers. We wanted to make sure that the jeans was up to the demands and expectations that the end user would expect. concept Thanks to our commitment, this jeans was finally born, to which we have given a name that suggests the meaning of our work: - protections for motorcycles. materials and technology The PMJ range products has been designed to ensure a security level higher than any other fashion trousers. Our aim is to create a product made of very high technical materials, which can ensure a good level of protection without necessarily having to give an aesthetic appearance. style and performance PMJ is technical clothing which is trendy, a fashionable jeans that does not go unnoticed, the right product for those who use the motorbike every day, at leisure or for business.

da PMJ-Twaron Strong like steel High heat resistance, cut-resistant, no melting point, low flammability, make Twaron® the best high protection innovative synthetic fibre. PMJ employs in its products ballistic Twaron®, the same used in the Production of bullet-proof vests, which is difference from all other aramidic Knitted, thanks to the shuttle construction with weft/warp woven. The material obtained from these innovative yarns is much more harder than Many other, but of course also much more resistant. The resistance is much Higher than mixed Kevlar®/Cotton fabrics, knitted fabrics, linings and felt. PMJ is the only company that made abrasion resistance and cut tests on our Aramid fibre. The test is the same used to test clothing for motorcyclists and Provides values known throughout the world (EN13595). resistance All our products are internally reinforced with aramid fabric, better know as Twaron. Twaron is a Synthetic polymer fibre with an incredible strength, so tat equal weight is 5 times stronger than steel. Thermal resistance The aramid fibre also has a high resistance to heat, decomposes at a bout 500°C without melting and has an exceptional resistance to abrasion. BALLISTIC TECHNOLOGY In our products we only use ballistic Twaron®, the same used for production of bulletproof vests, which is difference from all other aramid fabrics knitted, thanks to the woven construction weaving weft and warp. The TWARON® yarn used by PMJ is converted into roll from an Italian company, using the best fibres in the world, produced by Tejin Aramid in Japan. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT Once completed the fabric, this is worked for our purpose and then subjected to various controls and laboratory tests to check its potential for abrasion resistance. The fabric obtained from these innovative yarns is much thicker and denser than most, but of course also much stronger. The resistance is much higher than fabrics mixed Kevlar/Cotton, woven knitted fabrics, linings and felt. SELECTED REINFORCEMENT We’ve chosen to reinforce only the greatest risk impact areas, so to maintain a comfortable and breathable product as possible. All reinforced areas are lined too and the Twaron® is completely invisible and is not in direct contact with body parts. SAFETY FOR BIKERS Only 25% of motorcyclists wearing protective trousers that will help to save the legs during a fall. The majority of injuries affecting the lower limbs during a fall, are abrasions and lacerations.

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