7 months ago

The Tricky Side Of Omni-Channel

Typical journey of daily

Typical journey of daily operational & tactical decisions Processes and systems generate operational data + big data Data across systems, processes and / or departments gets aggregated Data gets captured & processed Managers receive reports Decisions can be made Actions take place DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 DAY 6 DAY 7-8 DAY 9 > DAY 10+ Potential issue occurs negatively impacting performance or positive opportunity arises Issue or opportunity is ‘hidden’ in the internal or external data Reports are created Reports are analyses for relative insights and information Actions based off of decisions are communicated to employees It takes on average 6.1 days to get a report (slide 4)

More data sources, more fragmentation, less pro-active decision making? SMS Voice Text Social Disparate Data sources Email Existing barriers Apps Data and information stored in many disparate systems. Manual or delayed reporting to obtain fragmented insights. Long term and instant decisions are made, based on information / insights