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Clamdigger April 5-11, 2018

Tai Chi To master Tai

Tai Chi To master Tai Chi Chuan is not an easy matter. But you do not have to be a master to enjoy the beauty and benenfits of Tai Chi Chuan, Practice regularly, not habitually. You’ll be able to move more naturally and spontaneously. Ty Pang Classes will be taught by Jack Greene, who was instructed by Ty Pang. For over 34 years, Jack has over 25 years of teaching experience of the Yang Long form. Classes: Starting April 3rd at the Depot Arts, 611 R Avenue, Anacortes 6:30-7:30 pm Nine classes on a weekly schedule. Every Tuesday ending May 29th. Cost: $135 for all 9 classes ($15/class). Paid in full. Class size limited. For more info call 360-661-6123 Google Harvard Health - The Health Benefits of Tai Chi - Why Tai Chi is as good for you as cross fit. 62

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