7 months ago

Bianca's diary

2 nd of April Dear

2 nd of April Dear Diary, Today it was the official day of my spring holiday and i’m looking forward to see what i’m going to do this holiday.First,i’m thinking how i’m going to spend Easter which is this Sunday.Second,i can’t wait to see my whole family reunited and to spend some time together.Today I didn’t make a lot of things : I watched some tv series and I cleaned my wardrobe(which took a lot of time) and I also cleaned my room.I hope the next days will be more interesting!

3 rd of April Dear Diary, Today it was a good day.The weather was so good that I could go for a walk and spend some time outside.I really like a warm spring day and today it was the perfect weather.I had a busier day than yesterday.Today I made some shopping for Easter and in the evening I went in the park with some old friends.We laughed a lot and we made some pictures.After that I came home and I watched a comedy movie.