6 months ago

Bianca's diary

4 th of April Dear

4 th of April Dear Diary, Soon is Easter and everybody is talking about it.The women are thinking what to cook and the children can’t wait to paint the eggs.I can’t wait to do both because I really like to cook and I’m also thinking what recipes I’m going to make.Today my mother and I decided what we are going to cook and where we are going to celebrate Easter.We want to spend that day in family so we think my grandmother’s appartament is the best choice.Everything is now planed,all we have to do now is to apply our plans. Besides planning,I went at a decor shopping to buy some decorations for Easter: fake eggs,candles and plastic plates.

5 th of April Dear Diary, Today it was a long day.I painted the Easter eggs in different colors and I also designed these.Even if this sounds easy,this took me two hours but it worth it.The eggs looks beautiful and I can’t wait Easter.After I painted the eggs,I did some shopping for my Easter recipes.I bought all the ingredients for making the sweets(flour,sugar etc.) and I can’t wait to make these!After that,I went for a walk in the park and when I came home I watched a tv series.

By Bianca Slade
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