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Orientation Manual - Appe & IPPE

Destination Building

Destination Building Floor Landmark Destination Building Floor Landmark A H–I Admissions Main Building 1 Head and Neck Center Main Building 10 Ambulatory Treatment Center Mays Clinic 8 Ambulatory Treatment Center Main Building 10 Ambulatory Treatment Center – Bed Unit Ambulatory Treatment Center – Chair Unit Ambulatory Treatment Center – Transfusion Unit Main Building 2 Main Building 2 Main Building 2 Anderson Conference Rooms Main Building 11 Anesthesia Assessment Center Main Building 6 Apheresis Main Building 8 AT&T Auditorium Main Building 2 B Behavioral Research and Treatment Center Ducan Building 2 Blood Donor Center Mays Clinic 2 Bone Marrow Aspiration Clinic Main Building 10 Brain and Spine Center Main Building 7 Breast Center Mays Clinic 5 Breast Imaging – Diagnostic Mays Clinic 5 Breast Imaging – Screening Duncan Building 2 Brochstein Conference Room Main Building 11 C Cancer Prevention Center Duncan Building 2 Cardiopulmonary Center Main Building 6 Center for Reconstructive Surgery Mays Clinic 5 Clinical and Translational Research Center Main Building 1 Clinical Center for Targeted Therapy Main Building 10 Colorectal Center Main Building 7 Conference Center Mays Clinic 1 Conference Center Duncan Building 8 Conference Rooms B – F Main Building 11 Critical Care Unit (ICU) Main Building 7 CT Imaging Mays Clinic 7 Child and Adolescent Center Main Building 7 Children’s Inpatient Unit Main Building 10 Kim’s Place Main Building 2 D Dental Services Clinic Main Building 9 Diagnostic Center Mays Clinic 2 Diagnostic Center – Laboratory Medicine Main Building 2 Diagnostic Imaging – A Main Building 3 Diagnostic Imaging – C Main Building 3 Diagnostic Imaging – D Main Building 3 Diagnostic Radiology – General Mays Clinic 7 E–F Emergency Center Main Building 1 Endocrine Center Main Building 9 Endoscopy Center Main Building 5 Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic Mays Clinic 5 Fine Needle Aspiration Clinic Main Building 3 Flex Clinic Main Building 7 G Gastrointestinal Center Main Building 7 General Ultrasound Mays Clinic 5 Genitourinary Cancer Center Mays Clinic 7 Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Mitchell Building 3 Gynecologic Oncology Center Mays Clinic 6 Departments, Clinics and Rooms Hickey Auditorium Main Building 11 Image Library Main Building 3 Infusion Therapy Mays Clinic 8 Infusion Therapy Main Building 8 Integrative Medicine Center Main Building 1 Integrative Medicine Center Mays Clinic 2 Intensive Care Unit Main Building 7 Internal Medicine Center Mays Clinic 6 Internal Medicine Center Main Building 6 International Assessment Center Mays Clinic 8 Interventional Radiology Mays Clinic 4 L–M Leukemia Center – West Main Building 8 Leukemia Center – East Main Building 8 Leukemia Fast Track Main Building 8 Lymphoma and Myeloma Center Main Building 6 Medical Graphics and Photography Main Building 2 Melanoma and Skin Center Main Building 9 MRI/Ultrasound Waiting Main Building 3 N–O Neuro Interventional Ultrasound Mays Clinic 6 Nuclear Medicine Mays Clinic 6 Onstead Auditorium Mitchell Building 3 Ophthalmology Main Building 9 Orthopaedic Center Main Building 9 Outpatient Surgery Mays Clinic 4 P Pain Management Center Main Building 4 Pathology Reception Main Building 1 Patient Rooms G933 – G1784 Main Building 9-17 Patient Rooms P301 – P1227 Main Building 3-12 Patient Supplies Main Building 1 Pharmacy Main Building 2 Pharmacy Main Building 10 Pharmacy– Outpatient Mays Clinic 2 Pediatric Patient Access Services Main Building 7 PET Imaging Mays Clinic 6 Pre-Op Holding/Surgery Check-In Mays Clinic 4 Post Anesthesia Care Unit Main Building 5 Psychiatric Oncology Center Mays Clinic 2 R–S Radiation Oncology Mays Clinic 1 Radiation Treatment Center Main Building 1 Rehabilitation Services Main Building 1 Sarcoma Center Main Building 9 Searls Conference Room Main Building 11 Sleep Center Mays Clinic 8 Stem Cell Transplantation Center Main Building 8 Supportive Care Center Main Building 5 Surgery Check-In Main Building 5 Surgery Check-In Mays Clinic 4 Surgery Waiting Area Main Building 5 T–Z Thoracic Center Main Building 9 Undiagnosed Breast Clinic Mays Clinic 5 Waiting Areas A – B Main Building 1 Waiting Areas C – J Main Building B1 Wiess Conference Room Main Building 11

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