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Orientation Manual - Appe & IPPE

Joel Lajeunesse Vice

Joel Lajeunesse Vice President Strategic Initiatives Institutional and Governmental Relations Judy Chase Clinical Program Svcs Ephraim Santibanez Adm Operations Ryan Roux Operations Wendy Heck Medication Management & Finance Clinical Education and Training of Residents, Fellows, and Students Clinical Pharmacy Practice Clinical Guidelines and Orderset Development Clinical Drug Therapy Management Under Protocol Administrative Support Uniforms Tours and events Travel P&Ps Admin Support Credentialing & Privileging Licenses & Registrations DTM ATC Emergency Center Retail Pharmacies Inpatient Central & Satellites Pharmacy /Informatics and Analytics Clinical Decision Support Data mining Statistical Analysis Quality Improvement Initiatives Medication Safety & Compliance ACPE Professional Development Education Programs and Services Specialty Pharmacokinetic Services Trainee & Alumni Affairs Administrative Processes Appointments Processing Educational Affiliation Agreements/Contracts Admin Support Employee Onboarding Security Systems Keyway Security Badge Security Human Resources Administration Inventory Control Investigational Drugs Regional Care Centers Bay Area Katy Sugarland Woodlands Drug Information & Drug Use Policy Technology and Performance Improvement Lean Six Sigma Accreditation Financial Controls Budget Formulary Management Procurement Jan 2017

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