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2017 Annual Report of the Delaware River Basin Commission

Exporting Water Out

Exporting Water Out of the Basin North/Central New Jersey In the 1950s, New Jersey began diverting water from the Delaware River Basin through the Delaware and Raritan Canal. The water travels from Bull’s Island, north of Stockton, N.J. for 22 miles along the river until it turns inland near Trenton, N.J., then crosses into the Raritan Basin near Princeton, N.J. The water is managed by the New Jersey Water Supply Authority for multiple drinking water suppliers that serve the residents of north and central New Jersey. In 2017, New Jersey diverted 31.2 billion gallons from the Basin. 18 VALUE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR Just Like Monet, The Delaware & Raritan Canal By Samuel Vovsi

The Basinwide Role of New York City’s Reservoirs The combined storage in the three New York City reservoirs (Pepacton, Cannonsville and Neversink) in the Basin is managed to ensure in out-of-basin diversions, reservoir releases River and salinity control in the Delaware River Estuary when necessary. Combined storage was even with or above the long-term median at the start of 2017. -term median through the summer, storage began dropping in early autumn. Managing the N.Y.C. Reservoir Flows Releases from the three New York City reservoirs is managed under a ten-year, twopart Flexible Flow Management Program (FFMP). See details on Page 14. The Pepacton Reservoir, Colchester and Andes, N.Y. is one of three in the Basin that provides drinking water to New York City. Photo courtesy of NYCDEP. 19 DELAWARE RIVER BASIN COMMISSION Annual Report 2017

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