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2017 Annual Report of the Delaware River Basin Commission

Project Review

Project Review Withdrawals & Discharges The Delaware River Basin Compact provides in Section 3.8 that no project having a substantial effect on the water resources of the Basin shall be undertaken unless it shall have been first submitted to and approved by the Commission. These projects generally fall into one of two categories: water withdrawals (ground and/or surface water) or discharges (wastewater treatment). Occasionally, a project may be a combination of these, or a project falls under another category, such as pipelines. WITHDRAWAL Groundwater Ground & Surface Water Surface Water COMBINED DOCKETS IWTP and Groundwater Withdrawal DOCKET TYPES DISCHARGE Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant (IWTP) Wastewater Treatment Plant OTHER DOCKETS Other Pipeline 26 VALUE THROUGHOUT THE YEAR 88 In 2017, DRBC approved dockets.

Dockets Approved in 2017 Projects formally reviewed by the Commission are referred to as “dockets.” Following a public hearing, dockets are voted on by the Commissioners at their quarterly business meetings, which are open to the public. In 2017, the Commission approved 88 dockets. DOCKETS APPROVED MARCH 15, 2017 1970-120-3 CAMBRIDGE-LEE INDUSTRIES, LLC 1973-209 CP-3 MIDDLE SMITHFIELD TWP 1974-176 CP-4 BOROUGH OF MYERSTOWN 1984-002-6 NESTLE PURINA PET CARE 1989-053-4 NGK METALS 1991-014 CP-4 PA AMERICAN WATER CO, BLUE MOUNTAIN LAKE 1991-020 CP-4 PLUM CREEK MUNICIPAL AUTHORITY 1993-062 CP-3 LAKE ADVENTURE COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION 2006-013-3 SKYTOP LODGE CORPORATION 2006-018-2 BLUE RIDGE COUNTRY CLUB 2006-026-CP-4 POCONO MANOR INVESTORS 2009-003 CP-2 NAVAL SURFACE WARFARE WATER WITHDRAWAL 2009-004 CP-2 NAVAL SURFACE WARFARE NON-CONTACT COOLING WATER DISCHARGE 2016-006 CP-1 UPPER MAKEFIELD TWP DUCHESS FARMS 2016-007-1 EASTERN SHORE NATURAL GAS 2016-011- 1 AQUA PA WASTEWATER, INC THORNHURST 16 DOCKETS APPROVED JUNE 14, 2017 1964-028 CP-3 PALMERTON WWTP 1967-080 CP-4 BOROUGH OF PHOENIXVILLE WWTP 1967-123 CP-3 BOROUGH OF PHOENIXVILLE SURFACE WATER WITHDRAWAL 1971-150 CP-2 WALLENPAUPACK LAKE ESTATES 1983-023 CP-4 KUTZTOWN GWD 1989-082-3 PIKE COUNTY ENVIRONMENTAL 1995-019 CP-2 BETHLEHEM SWWD 1996-036 CP-3 PHILADELPHIA DIVISION OF AVIATION GWD 1998-051 CP-4 MILFORD SENIOR CARE WWTP 1999-020 CP-4 PENN ESTATES UTILITIES WWTP 2001-045 CP-4 RIVERCREST WWTP 2001-052 CP-3 BEACH LAKE MA WWTP 2006-020-3 SC STREAM PA 2006-022-2 TEVA PHARMACUETICALS GWD 2007-022 CP-3 APPLECROSS (From right) DRBC Project Review Manager David Kovach and Commission Secretary and Assistant General Counsel Pam Bush, J.D review a proposed project plan with Western Berks Water Authority Executive Director Chip Bilger. 2007-003-3 TO JO IWTP 2007-016 CP-2 BATH BOROUGH AUTHORITY 2007-018-4 WEDCO STERLING WWTP 2007-020-2 PAPERWORKS INDUSTRIES,INC SWWD 2007-028 CP-2 WOODBOURNE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY GWD 2007-039 CP-3 EAST STROUDSBURG WFP 2008-006 CP-3 MORRISVILLE WFP 2009-008 CP-2 FLEISCHMANNS VILLAGE GWD 2010-010-2 FREISLAND CAMPINA-DOMO GWD 2016-009-1 PHILMONT COUNTRY CLUB GWD&SWWD 25 DOCKETS APPROVED SEPTEMBER 13, 2017 1977-058-5 MOUNT AIRY #1 WWTP 1979-026-3 ARCELOR MITTAL PLATE WWTP 1983-015 CP-5 POCOPSON HOME AND PRISON WWTP 1983-034 CP-4 ROBESON TWP MUA 1985-055 CP-4 AQUA PA INC HAMILTON GWD DELAWARE RIVER BASIN COMMISSION Annual Report 2017 27

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