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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Begin obverse side up.

Begin obverse side up. Fold in half, short edge to short edge. Fold the short edge of the top layer over to the right edge. Unfold. (A) Fold up the bottom folded edge so that the new crease is at the level of the bottom end of the crease formed in the last step. Unfold. (B) Open the bill. Designed by Michael G. LaFosse, first diagrammed in 1993 Michae! LaFosse adapted his Butterfly for Alice Gray to the dollar bill in the late 1970s. It makes an excellent gift or tip that looks as elegant when folded from either side of the bill. The symmetry of the one dollar bill makes it particularly satisfying. Look carefully at the creases in the middle of the bill. Mountain-fold the outermost creases and move them to meet at the center crease. Fold in half. right Squash-fold the half . Use a single, crisp dollar bill that has the printing well-centered, with an even border. Your paper should look like this. Turn over. Squash-fold. Fold the bottom corner up along the line between the white border and the printed edge. Unfold.

ffi time, squash-fold the upper left and right halves of the model. One side at a Mountain and Wing detail: Be sure that the squash is firmly made down to the crease line formed in the previous step. valley-fold along the indicated lines for each wing. The area of the bottom wings will roll over and upward as you do this. lnside-reverse fold the indicated corner make it appear rounded. Swivel the middle corner over to the crease line on the lower right wing. wing over to match the right. Fold the teft t 5 Fotd in the indicated corners of the lower wing to make it appear rounded. Narrow the underside of the body by folding the corners in. Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2OO5 By paying attention to the initial orientation, and making one slightly larger, two open cubes make an attractive box with a telescoping lid. Open the The Dollar Bill Butterfly.

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