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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

-o-\ ,-c-\ To make best

-o-\ ,-c-\ To make best use of the color and to end up with eyes on your frog, begin with the obverse side up. Fold a short edge of the bill up to the top, long edge and unfold. Fold the same short edge down the bottom Iong edge. Unfold. Repeat with the other short edge of the bill. Turn over. Fold in the left and right edges by matching corners marked "A" to the crease ends at "B." Unfold and turn over. Designed by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander, 2OO5 This version of the jumping frog is one that Michael and l worked out together. We wanted to make a simple frog that jumped well, and still sported a pair of distinctive eyes. You can continue to refine the shape, folding more details into this design to make exquisite renditions that perform better than the currency from which it's folded. Using the installed creases collapse each end of the bill into triangle shapes. t Z-O\ Your bill should look like this. Turn over. ,-O-\ With the bill positioned as shown, fold the bottom point up at the level of the lower left and right corners. Your bill should look like this. Turn over. Fold the top right corner flap over to the left.

Fold the right edge in to the center. Return the top flap to the right. 1 Repeat stepsTthrough9on the left. fold ht of Fold the bottom edge up to the level indicated by the red line in the drawing. Georde Napkin /-C\ Fold the indicated edge downward, but not all the way to the bottom edge. Leave a small distance between these edges. Turn over. The Jumping Frog, with eyes! Press on the rump with your finger to make him jump! Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 Use clean new bills to form these easy, secure, napkin rings. Place George's face toward your guest's. You'll find many other uses for this useful, yet simple fold.

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