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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

To ensure that George's

To ensure that George's face appears on the outside of the ring, begin with the reverse side up. Fold the short right edge up to the top edge. Fold the left short edge down to the bottom edge. Notice the green rectangle in the middle of the paper. Fold the short, bottom edge of this rectangle up to match the left-side long edge of the green rectangle. Your bill should look like this. Fold the long left edge of the paper over to match the right long edge. ,-O\ You will have a long, narrow strip like this. Bend the lower end up toward the opposite end. Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 Your business card will stand out on the next banquet table at a fundraiser, mixer, or networking event with this simple holder folded from a single dollar bill. Combinations of this clever fold can be stacked when offset 90 degrees to make distinctive, ornamental holders for a variety of favors, such as coin or candy holders. Tuck the narrower corner into the layers of the wider end. Turn over to see George's face. The George Napkin Ring.

Begin with the obverse side up. Fold in half, edge to edge, each of both ways. Unfold after each. Fold each of the four corners in, matching the short edges to the long center crease. Fold each of the four folded edges to meet at the long center Notice the square diamond outlined in the center of the bill. Valley-fold along each of the four edges of the outline. Valley-fold the left and right long corners in half and form the bill into a diamondshaped dish. Designed by Michae! G. LaFossG, 1977 This simple glider by Michael LaFosse is easy to remember and fun to fly, that is, if you're comfortable throwing money around! There are more detailed planes you can fold from money, but this mode! has an interesting shape, and good flight characteristics. The Business Holder. For best results, use a crisp bill, and sharpen your creases with the back of a spoon.

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