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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Begin with either side

Begin with either side of the bill facing up. Fold the short, right side up to the top edge. Unfold. Fold the bottom edge up to the top edge. Fold the left half of the squashed flap over to the right. left half of the model. left folded edge the center crease. Repeat behind. side end Fold a portion of the right over to the left. Use the top of the crease line as a guide. Fold the bottom, folded edge of the front flap up to match the right edge of the paper. 10 Rearranse I Fordthetop 12 Fordthe tho flaps so that both of the shorter ones are in the front and the longer ones are behind. edge of the front flap down to the level indicated by the red line in the drawing. indicated flap down, forming the "Canard" or front wings. Replace the layer to the bottom. Squash-fold the top flaP. 15 Fordinharr, I eFordthe lengthwise. wing sets down on each side of the body (fuselage). Set the wings out to the side to prepare for flight! The Paper Airplane.

Bill "A" begins obverse side up. Fold in half each of both ways, unfolding after each. Fold the top and bottom long edges to meet at the center of the bill. Bill "A" will look like this. Based upon a design popularized by Florence Temko Modified for the dollar bill by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 This handy box is derived from the popular, simple, twopiece design normally folded from rectangular pieces of magazine pages, and so is often known as the "Magazine Box." Dollar bills make excellent boxes for giving precious keepsakes. You will need two crisp dollar bills. I have Iabeled the bills A (bottom) and B (lid). Bill "B" begins reverse side up. Fold in half, long edge to long edge. Unfold. Place bill "A" over the center of bill "B." Fold the long edges of bill "8" over the long edges of bill U 4," Notice the gap between the long edges of bill "8." Unfold both bills. Fold the short edges of bill "A" to meet at the vertical center crease. Place folded bill "A" over the center of bill "B." Fold the short edges of bill "B" over to cover bill "A."

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