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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Slide bill "A" out to

Slide bill "A" out to separate the two. Leave both folded. Perform steps 9 through 13 on both bills "A" and "B." Fold each of the four corners in to nearest crease. X Fotd the innermost edges outward to match the vertical edges of the folded triangles. Based upon a design by Michael G. LaFosse, 2003 indicated over. Fold the corners Fold the innermost edges over to hold the folded triangles in place. t ; open the box by lifting the short sides up and folding the long sides in. Pinch the corners square. Box "B" should fit neatly over box "A." Modified for the dollar bill by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 Mlchael developed this party favor from four squares several yearr 690, for an Origami Puzzles book for kids, but this adaptatlon, folded from three dollar bills, makes kids' eyes light up even before they discover candy inside. You will need three crisp dollar bills. Rectangular Box with Lid.

Begin with the obverse side up in the orientation shown. Fold in half by matching the bottom left and the top right corners of the bill. lt is important that you use these same two corners each time for each of the three bills. Otherwise, you will not be able to assemble the project. Fold the other bills in the same manner so that you will have three units ready to assemble. Notice the two "Blank" edges and the two "Fan" edges. The Fan edges of one unit will overlap the Blank edges of another. Contrasting, solid colored papers are used here for the assembly demonstration. Hold two of the folded units together so that the fan-folded edges are overlapping the blank edges and are displayed on the outside of the model. z-C\ Fold the left corner of the back layer over the front. Fan-fold the right edge of the front flap. Your bill will look like this. Turn over. I O Turn the construction over in your hand so that it resembles a boat hull, Hold carefully to keep the two pieces together. You may add gmall ltemc lnto the favor at this stage. lnsert the third piece to close the box. Be cure that all of the fan-folded edges show outside of the box. Fold the left corner of the back layer over the front. right flap. Fan-fold the edge of the front Open the bill. The Lightning Bolt Favor.

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