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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander


Published by Tuttle Publishing, an imprint of Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd. www.tuttlepublishin Copyright @ 2009 Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander. All rights reseryed. No part of this publication may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanica[, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior written permission from the publisher., Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data LaFosse, Michael G, Money origami : make the most of your dollar! / Michael G. LaFosse, Richard L. Alexander. -- 1st ed. lncludes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 978-0-8048-4026-2 (kit : alk. paper) 1. Origami.2. Money in art. l. Alexander; Richard L., 1953- ll. Title. rr870.L234245 2009 736'.982--dc22 2048043s21 tsBN 978-0-8048-4026-2 Distributed by North America, Latin America & Europe Tuttle Publishing 364 lnnovation Drive North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436 U.S.A. Tel: 1 (802) 773-8930 Fax: 1 (8OZ) 773-6993 i nfo@tuttlepu blish in g. com www.tuttlepubl ish i n g. com First edition 14131211 109876 Printed in Hong Kong Diagrams by Michael G. LaFosse Photography by Richard L. Alexander Asia Pacific Berkeley Books Pte. Ltd. 61 Tai Seng Avenue, #02-12 Singapore 534167 Tel: (65) 6280-1330 Fax: (65) 6280-6290 inqu Video instructicins for folding many other origami projects are available on DVD from the Origamido Studio website, 5 s & II l4 I8 ,o )l )lt )11 t) .$l '5',{ :${* &{ 44, *'s -&r {} 55 56 5S 6p lntrod u ction X-Wa llet "Eye" Ring Stand-Up Shirt Angel Ornament Four-Dollar Tall Box Haverhill High-Top Shoe Five-Pointed, Five-Dollar Star Dollar Bill Butterfly Cube Box With Lid Monkey Face Ring Jumping Frog (With Eyes) George Napkin Ring Business Card Holder Paper Airplane Rectangular Box With Lid Lightning Bolt Favor Chinese Dragon/Sea Serpent Th istle Three-Dollar Step Pyramid Wheel Of Fortune Mr. Bi!! Green TUTTLE PUBLISH ING@ is a registered trademark of Tuttle Publishing, a division of Periplus Editions (HK) Ltd.

i Symbols Key trodrrction Obverse (Front) - Fold in Front ^ >>tu Move or Push - Fan Fold Fold & Unfold Reverse (Back) - Mountain Fold Fold to the back For over ten years, the Origamido Studio in Haverhill, Massachusetts played host to many who stopped by to see the origami works on display. There was a modest collection of folded dollar bills on display, mostly gifts from friends, and the regulars would bring in their friends and relatives specifically to see that case. For several years, we also demonstrated origami at the Topsfield Fair, just north of Boston, and despite magnificent origami works on display, there would be an inordinate fascination with origaml from dollar bllls. There are sevcral reasons dollar bill origami modcls are so popular: o Folding ths durable paper is nondcetructlve, and even if you don't give it as a gift or tip, you can reuse it or spend it. . The engraving patterns and symbols are intricate, beautiful and interesting, and can be incorporated cleverly into hundreds of designs. . Of all the paper money in use around the world, the US Dollar bills are relatively inexpensive, and are readily available. . Often when you have time to kill, unexpectedly waiting for something or someone, there is no other folding paper available. o Every project has guaranteed value! For many people, dollar bill models were some of the first origami they learned, thanks to the early work of Florence Temko, a prolific origami designer, author, teacher, performer, and mentor to many other origami professionals in Great Britain and the USA. ln fact, this book began as an idea for a collection of early models chosen by Joyce Saler, a dear friend, and an advanced origami enthusiast from Concord, Massachusetts, who confided that she found the most enjoyment from a few, simple origami models she learned many years ago-models that children could remember easily. Your local bank is the source for crisp, clean, new dollar bills-if you ask. For hygiene's sake, you will want to use brand new bills whenever using money to decorate your table (napkin rings, place holders, etc.). Since most paper currency is made from long, strong fibers, you often can wash, dry, and gently iron circulated bills to make them crisp and cJean, but they will never look quite as nice as newly printed currency. To delve deeper into the world of money origami, explore the works of Stephen Weiss of Florida, John Montroll of Maryland, Marc Sky of New Jersey, and Won Park, and Jodi Fukumoto of Hawaii. We trust that this book will help you to more thoroughly enjoy the contents of your wallet. These tokens have inherent value, and whether the recipient cherishes the gift, or simply unfolds and spends it, you know it won't be thrown away!

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