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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Fold the top edge down

Fold the top edge down to the level of the top edge of the rectangle, behind. The red line indicates the correct level in the drawing. Unfold completely. Study the creases carefully. Mountain and valley fold, as indicated in the drawing, to form a fan-pleated unit. Some of the creases will need to be reversed. . This is a finished unit. Notice that it has been adjusted to approximate one third of an equilateral triangle. Fold the remaining bills so that you will have three units ready to assemble. Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 The three units must be woven together to complete the puzzle. Notice that the left half of each unit will overlap the right half of another. Pyramid. The Three-Dollar Step This shape is familiar to thousands of students of our popular Classic Cardinal DVD. The flat origami multi-piece rings designed by Mette Peterson formed the inspiration for a three-dimensional "water wheel" experiment by Paulo Basceta, carried to extremes by Michael LaFosse, Satoshi Kamiya, and Christine Clement at the Origamido Studio. You will need eight crisp dollar bills for this project.

--\- ,,.O\ Begin with the obverse side up. Fold the bottom edge up to George Washington's mouth. Turn over. Fold in the top corners of thc back layer as far as they will go. Look at figure seven for the shape. Mountain-fold the left and right sides to stand perpendicular to the rectangular area that displays George's face. ,,-O\ Fold the bottom, folded edge 4 up to the filigree design above the word "ONE." Turn over. This is a finished unit. Fold the other bills so that you have eight units ready to assemble. Units are joined by inserting the rectangular tabs on one piece into the pockets of another. Fold the indicated portions the bottom edge up so that each frames the word "STATES." of t Two units joined. Eight units form a nice wheel. You may use as many as ten units.

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