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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

,t1l ,iT Begin with the

,t1l ,iT Begin with the obverse side up. Fold in half, long edge to long edge. Unfold. Fold the long edges to meet at the middle. Turn over. Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 This face jumped out at me from the symmetry of the letters when I held the bill sideways. There are many permutations and combinations, and even an action version that appears to talk! These funny faces liven up mundane items, such as pencil erasers. Slip its mouth under the rubber band whenever you give something rolled. ,, Mountain-fold along the open edge of the letter "E" in "ONE." Move the loleled edge up to the Iovol indicated by the red line in the drawing, just below the two eye-like scrolls. along the midline of the letter "O" in "ONE." Move the folded edge up to the level indicated by the red line in the drawing, just up to the horizontal line of the letter "E." ':. . l:il I ';,-..:il Unfo d comp etely. ,'i1: -.5.,,r.

Re-fold along the horizontal creases. Re-fold along the vertical creases. Fold up the bottom edge to the bottom of the "smile." Fold the two top corners down to form a single point at the top of the head. Fold the tip of the head point to the back. Fold the two free corners of Bill's shirt down to form the collar. Fold up the two free corners at the top of the head (optional). Try different "hair styles!" Green! Meet Mr. Bill

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