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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

x ." Begin obverse side

x ." Begin obverse side up. Fold the right edge up to match the top edge and the left edge down to the bottom edge. Fold in half. Look ahead at figure three for the shape. Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 This simple, 2-piece design is my handy way to hide the majority of a generous cash tip, while making a neat, decorative presentation. Despite its simplicity we are amazed by the number of people who learn it, only to forget how to place the third fold, so do practice this fold! You will need two crisp dollar bills for this project. Make another so that two identical units. you Assemble by inserting the top, back corner of each unit into the top front corner of each. You can insert more cash, a note or other small item. Close completely and turn over. The X-Wallet.

Begin obverse side up. Fold in half, long edge to long edge. Unfold. Fold the bottom edge up to the crease. Fold up along the center crease. Fold in the left side top and bottom corners to form a square point. Based upon a ring design by Ranana Benjamin Modified by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 This design takes advantage of the mysterious eye atop the pyramid on the back etching of the dollar. ! adapted this ring to use a dollar bill from a ring design I learned from Joyce Saler, who learned it from Ranana Benjamin. This general design can be used to make belts, interlocked chain links, and earring loops. Fold the bottom edge up to the top. Fold the right, square end over to the left. Use the letter "1" in "lN GOD WE TRUSI" as a guide for the position of the crease.

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