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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Fold the top edge of the

Fold the top edge of the front strip down and to the right. Align with the short edge at the right to form a square corner. (1) Fold up a small margin at the bottom of the front strip. (2) Mountain-fold the front strip up and to the back. Tuck the folded end of the strip into the triangle-shaped pocket in front. f O rurn over. Form the band by bringing the pointed end around the back of the ring and tucking it into the buckle. The "Eye" Ring. Based upon a design popularized by Florence Temko Modified by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 This is a modification of a classic that many learned from a book by Florence Temko, and is a particularly good way to make a distinctive gift ornament When you are giving a shirt. You can also use it as a place card, business card holder, or as a tip for an outstanding dry cleaner.

Begin reverse side up, upside 2 down. Fold in half, long edge to long edge. Unfold. Fold the tong edges in to the center crease. Fold the wide end up to the bottom edges of the collar. Your dollar should look like this. Fold the top layer down. Use George's nose as a guide (see figure eight). Mountain-fold a small margin of the right edge to the back. Fold out the free corners at the left. Use the letter "N" in "UNITED" as a guide. 4, Fotd the top and bottom risht corners to meet ln front at the split, Be sure to leave a gap at the middle of the rlght edge. Look at figure five for the shape. Turn over. Fold the overlap up. Keep the layers tightly together to make an even shape. Turn over. Fold the bottom edge up and tuck it under the corners of the collar. The Stand-Up Shirt. Now see if you can invent some stand up pants!

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