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Money Origami, by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander

Begin with the obverse

Begin with the obverse side up. Fold in half, short edge to short edge. Unfold. on9 Fold in half, long edge to edge. Have the long folded edge at the bottom. Fold up the bottom left and right corners. Notice that the creases span from the center of the folded edge to the upper outer corners. this. Your dollar should look Unfold. like Designed by Richard L. Alexander, 2006 Angels are welcome gifts any time of year. lncorporate them into a greeting card, or sprinkle them around the curtains in a sunny window. They make excellent Christmas tree decorations and this little angel design is a perfect way to transform a bunch of crisp new bills into a novel gift for your other little angels around the holidays. Turn over. ,-O\ You are now looking at the other side of the folded bill. Use the creases to fold up the bottom left and right corners. This re-folding of the creases bends them the other way, making them flexible and easy to use in the next step.

Open the layers of each folded triangle shape, forming a cone, and squash-fold flat to form a narrow kite shape. Try to make the kites symmetrical. B Your dollar should look like this. Turn over. Fold the topmost layers up so that the horizontal bottom edge aligns with the top edge. Fold out the top corners, to the left and right, to form the wings. Spread the bill open, in the middle at "A" and "8." Bring together the left and right ends and flatten the paper to resemble figure ten. ro down. Use a guide. Fold the top corners "A" corner and "8" as 15 lnside-reverse fold the top edge as you fold the ange! in half. This will form a V-shaped separation between the wings. the front. Open the angel to view Fold the top corners down so that they cross in the middle. Notice that the thick area at the top remains visible. Fold up the bottom front corners for the feet. Your dollar should look like this. Turn over. Fold out the middle corners for hands. Lower the feet. The Angel Ornament.

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