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What People Are Saying To Whom It May Concern: I want to express my gratitude to Christine Wilczek. She is truly a gem in the real estate world that is crumbling as I’m writing this. Christine went above and beyond anything I ever expected a real estate agent to do. My family and I listed our home six months ago. We had an offer within a few weeks (because of the amazing advertising on our home) that ended up falling through, obviously due to reasons that were completely out of Christine’s control. She was patient, understanding and really made us feel at ease during that disappointing time. Fast forward five months and we have another offer. After agreeing on the price, things seemed to be going smoothly. The close was going relatively quick (about a month after the offer) but we had plenty of time to get everything taken care of. Less than two weeks before our scheduled closing date, we were informed that the buyer’s lender had done a “drive by” appraisal and we appraised for less than our sale price. Christine literally went above and beyond her call of duty. She was on the phone demanding a “real” appraisal. In this market, especially in the Lemont area, a drive by appraisal is just unacceptable and Christine made that very clear to the lender. They agreed to schedule a new appraisal but by now, we were only a week away from closing. Her relentless calling resulted in a “rush” appraisal being ordered. Bright and early Saturday morning (six days before we were scheduled to close), with a smile on her face, Christine was at our house ready to meet the appraiser. He told her the results would be in on Monday. Christine made eight phone calls on Monday trying to get the results. Christine knew that obviously me and my husband were nervous at this point seeing that the “drive by” appraisal came in lower than our agreed sale price. Tuesday came along and Christine continued her pursuit by making eighteen phone calls. Finally, after several more phone calls on Wednesday, she received the results of the appraisal (which came in where it needed to). At this point the buyer had to file for an extension on the closing, which resulted in us filing an extension on our new home. By Friday of this week (the day we were originally scheduled to close), the buyer still didn’t have a clear to close and Christine never stopped making call after call after call on our behalf. Monday came around and her calls began once again. We are finally scheduled to close on Thursday and I honestly believe that without Christine, this would not be happening. Throughout this entire process, Christine has been absolutely amazing. She has never made me feel like I’m bothering her (and believe me… I called her a lot!), she has been calm, reassuring, sympathetic (we have two very young children and living out of boxes is not pleasant), and just plain wonderful. She called me at 8:00 pm one night, with her kids in tow, to let me know she finally heard back regarding something we were waiting on. It’s as if her work day never ends! Her dedication to her clients is outstanding! She is a go-getter and WILL get the job done. I can’t imagine going through this process with anybody else. The real estate world is a mess right now but it does have a shining star in Christine. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for my family and I. Her commitment to her job, compassion for what she does and who she represents, and understanding of the fact that peoples lives are involved throughout this whole process just one piece of what makes Christine one of the top real estate agents in the country! I would recommend Christine in a heart beat and feel very lucky that we chose her to sell our home. Thank you Christine, Sarah and Matt Eigel 708.420.2424 CELL/TEXT | 630.755.0700 OFFICE

To Whom It May Concern: A few months ago my husband and I met with Christine Wilczek about selling our home. We have known Christine for a few years and based on what we know and the reputation she has in the community, we felt like she was the best choice for a Realtor. Christine listed our home in mid January and we have been very pleased with the work she has done. Although she has many listings, we have determined there is a reason for that - it is because she is extremely good at what she does. Any time we called her, she has returned our call almost immediately. She is on top of every detail of what is going on in the community and with the potential sale of our home. She is always honest and extremely professional. We had two offers on our home within the first two months of being listed and are still in negotiations with a potential buyer. The advertising and marketing tools Christine offers are unsurpassed by none and have undoubtedly helped us receive steady traffic on our home which in the winter months and in these economic times is fantastic. We have had a very good experience with Christine and would highly recommend her as a Realtor. There is a reason she is number one in the area! - Scott and Julie Johnson Jason, I hope you are doing well and enjoyed a beautiful holiday season. Our holidays were wonderful and the end of last year was a busy one for us. Though this is late, Matt and I just wanted to thank you, to both you and Christine, again for the amazing job you did in selling our home. We truly could not have asked for a more trustworthy agent, smooth listing process and quick sale with a selling price above anything we ever expected! Your professional yet genuine demeanor was always informative, honest, and calming (especially through such a hectic endeavor of selling a home with three small children). Please know that we have already spoken nothing but praise in regards to your service to many friends and family in the area. And always rely that any person that asks us, “who was your agent, and were they good?” will be referred to you immediately without hesitation, and advised they couldn’t choose anyone more qualified. Thank you again many times over. Sincerely, Christine Hare & Matthew Cunningham... and Family Dear Christine & Jason, I wanted to write you a quick note thanking you for your time and insight regarding the Lemont market area. I really appreciate your professionalism and opinion regarding market value, absorption periods and discount rates. Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance in the future. Thanks again and have a great day. Kind regards, Michael R. Jilek, MAI, SRA Vice President Jilek & Associates, Inc

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