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The Star: April 12, 2018

28 Latest Christchurch

28 Latest Christchurch news at Viewpoint Thursday April 12 2018 Local News Now The Star Fire rages, homes at risk •From page 19 Gay Goodman – I think the area around the Cathedral is an absolute disgrace. Months ago when I had overseas visitors in town and we went to look at our very sad Cathedral, I was astounded at the weeds and gorse that was growing. I know it is cornered off but weed sprayers have guns that spray a long way and these could have been kept at bay and, although it’s broken all around, the building at least would look a little bit loved. The city council or the church surely want a huge rocket to get it tidy. It’s disgusting. Christine Robertson – Here is my 10 cents worth regarding the Cathedral. I feel even though I grew up with this beautiful building, in today’s world it doesn’t seem needed as much. When this subject first came up to rebuild, fix or demolish, one of my brothers, who incidentally has lived in Australia for 30-odd years, moaned to me that it should be rebuilt. I disagreed and I still do. The Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was also munted in the same earthquake, but you don’t see them moaning. The problem is we, the people of the eastern suburbs have been stuffed around for so long, over houses and streets, we have had enough. So instead of all the winging about the Cathedral, do something about it that is actually worthwhile. Martin Dixon – The Cathedral is a mess and I don’t like going near it or bringing visitors when it is such an eyesore. It would only take a few days of hard work (wearing hard hats) to make the grounds look more presentable. It is depressing for the people of Christchurch when it is meant to be uplifting. Sue Gray – My husband and I visited the Christ Church Cathedral last year and I was appalled at the state of the grounds around it. Gorse of all things and much, much more. I was ashamed at the sight of it. It’s enough to see the Cathedral deteriorating by the day, let alone the area surrounding it. As Christchurch residents, we have not returned to the site. Why 379-3589 379-3589 would we? Who wants to be reminded of how inadequate our council is. Get on with it. Clean it up. Please. A city council report has revealed the cost of fixing the city’s water supply could come in at $21.5 million Cherry Cornelius – We pay to fix a church but cannot have safe drinking water, we allow China to take good drinking water while we drink poison in the form of chlorine. Something isn’t right. Kim Scott – Why isn’t the city council managing the water bottling plant in Belfast rather than allowing a foreign company to make the profits? Peter Osborne – This is not about well heads, it’s the city council not keeping up with the infrastructure under the ground. With damaged pipes and no money to fix it properly, they have been lucky to get some excuses handed to them for not doing the maintenance. Hamish Middleton – Will the city council enforce chlorination of bottled water as surely the risk is apparent for their aquifers as well? No, didn’t think so. Heat Pump Specials HealtHy Dry VeNtIlatION GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only GE35 4kW Heat Pump from only $2,299 GE50 5.8kW Heat Pump from only The most energy GE50 efficient 5.8kW Heat way Pump to ventilate from only your $2,749 home FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only FH50 6.0kW Heat Pump from only $3,499 Heat Recovery Ventilation ensures a home is: • Dry • Feels warm • Smells fresh • Without lingering smells BeFOre aFter Technology INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. INCLUDES INSTALLATION. CONDITIONS APPLY. APPLY. 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