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The Star: April 12, 2018

4 Thursday

4 Thursday April 12 2018 Latest Christchurch news at The Star Hospital parking No relief in sight • By Bridget Rutherford GREATER Christchurch regeneration minister Megan Woods says work is being done behind the scenes to find solutions to Christchurch Hospital’s parking woes. But she can’t yet say when changes will be made, and if any relief will come before winter. Christchurch MPs, city council and Canterbury District Health Board representatives have teamed up to find solutions for the lack of parking options near the hospital, and the state of the privately-owned Deans Ave car park where the park and ride service operates from. “We’ve got to leave no stone unturned. Winter’s coming,” Dr Woods said yesterday. She is tasked with investigating long-term options for parking until a permanent car parking building is constructed in 2020. They included opportunities for parking in the South Frame, or the Metro Sports Facility land, she said. But she would not say more until an announcement about the Metro Sport Facility was made later this month. Using the Lichfield St car park for hospital parking was another Megan Woods Duncan Webb Ruth Dyson option being investigated, Dr Woods said. “We’re driving it as fast as we can after a period of inaction by the previous government.” The Deans Ave car park is owned and operated by Global Edge Properties, which gets the parking revenue. The CDHB runs the free shuttles and installed the shelter on site. Christchurch Central MP Duncan Webb has been working with the city council on the condition of the Deans Ave car park, and whether its surface is compliant with its resource consent. He said ultimately it was up to the CDHB as to what solutions it wanted to implement, including more shelter, and when. “We’ve got to do it before weather like this comes back.” City council head of regulatory compliance Tracey Weston said the car park’s resource consent required some asphalt patching so it had an even surface to prevent trips and falls. She said the investigation into whether it complied was ongoing. The CDHB has said there was no funding to install extra shelter. It has asked Global Edge Properties on “numerous occasions” to fix the uneven surface. The CDHB was unable to respond before The Star’s deadline yesterday. Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson said the winter deadline was still the “ideal” goal. “We haven’t got there yet, there’s a few things floated around.” ‘It’s really annoying, • By Julia Evans LOUISE LEWIS is 25 weeks pregnant with her second child. It’s a “high risk” pregnancy, she said. That means she’s been using the park and ride service “quite a lot” recently, having to go into hospital regularly for check-ups, making sure she and the baby are okay. “If there’s something wrong this time, I’ll have to come in every two weeks and that will be really hard when it’s like this,” she said as the hail fell on Tuesday. Her 10-month-old son, Damian, was wrapped in a blanket. He didn’t take his head off his mother’s chest. “It’s really annoying, I can’t get the pram out with the potholes, so I have to carry him,” she said. Ms Lewis said something needed to be done. David and Wendy Heenan have to go to the hospital regularly. Mr Heenan has cancer and was going in to have a check up. When asked what he thought about the condition of the car park, he laughed. “What condition? It’s just shocking.” Louise Lewis He said the Government should be doing more to fix the car park and extend the shelter, including running the service more frequently. “It’s like something you would see in a third world country, not in New Zealand. Something needs to be done to ensure the public are safe, because left like this, they’re not safe.” Mr Heenan said it was demeaning for patients who are suffering already.

The Star Latest Christchurch news at Thursday April 12 2018 5 I can’t get the pram out with the potholes’ David and Wendy Heenan “I’ve seen 50 people waiting out here, waiting in the rain . . . even sheep in a wool shed get shelter.” There were more and more potholes every day. But recently a grader had ran over the car park to smooth the surface, he said. “That’s as far as they went. It was nowhere near far enough and with the rain, it’s just back to square one.” When it started hailing, Mr and Mrs Heenan were outside, Rachael Delore putting up an umbrella. “We’ll lose our place in the line for the bus if we go inside,” he said. “It’s pretty bad,” Rachael Delore said as she waited for the shuttle outside cradling her 20-month-old daughter Aleah to her chest. Ms Delore was going to hospital to visit her stepfather. Something she does often. “This is the first time she (Aleah) has been in the shuttle WAITING: Kathleen Reynolds (centre) said although the car park needs fixing, the service was vital and doing a good job. PHOTOS: MARTIN HUNTER . . . there are no car seats for her in it. You can’t get your pram through here either and I don’t know if there’s anywhere on the bus to put it,” she said. Ms Delore said she didn’t know how it was going to work, whether Aleah would sit on her lap or have to be in a seat on her own. There “definitely should be more” being done to seal the car park. “It’d be different if we had somewhere else but this is all there is. It’s really difficult,” she said. Kathleen Reynolds was on crutches when she was waiting for the shuttle. The car park needs to be resurfaced. It was difficult walking through pot holes in the rain, she said. But at least there was a car park. “But more than anything we’re thankful to have this. It’s impossible to get a park otherwise.” “There definitely needs to be a bit more organisation from whoever owns it. But it’s a great idea and we’re so grateful it’s here,” she said. Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk Jump in shuttle patronage The CDHB is investigating how often the shuttle runs between Deans Ave and the hospital after latest figures show a jump in patronage. “We are currently reviewing usage and scheduling of our vehicles to accommodate extra passengers,” CDHB support services manager Rachel Cadle said the shuttle runs every 15-20 minutes. The CDHB is predicting an increase of about 26,000 passengers trips for 2018. “The latest figures for the park and ride service from Deans Ave to Christchurch Hospital show that we are now transporting more hospital patients than ever before,” says CDHB chief executive David Meates. In January and February of this year, the service took 52,000 trips. “Which puts us on track for a record-breaking 330,000 passenger trips for the year if demand for the service continues at this rate,” he said. In 2016 (January to December) the service took 229,000 trips between the car park and hospital. That was up 33 per cent in 2017 to 304,000. Ventilation Equipment Suppliers totrade retail Smooth-Air has a wide range of ventilation equipment to bring fresh air into your home. & Have you checked your underfloor repairs? This is the sort of ‘repair’ we are finding. Domestic Commercial Industrial 0800 SMOOTH (0800 766 684) Transfer the excess from your log burner to your bedrooms 351c Blenheim Rd Riccarton Christchurch 03 343 6184 heat Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5pm We will go under your house and give you peace of mind for free. Ph: 03 377 8855 | 130 Ferry Road, Christchurch E: | W: NO WIN NO FEE