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Miracle Worker For the five weeks of her life, baby Finley couldn’t eat more than an ounce of formula at a time without screaming and spitting most of it up. Her mother, Jennifer, was at her wits end with worry until she saw her own long-time chiropractor and kinesiologist, Buckhead-based Dr. Tim Kelly. Kelly spent about 15 minutes adjusting the tiny girl, who was writhing in discomfort due to gas and indigestion, with a red, puffy face. As he worked his gentle adjustments, Finley relaxed and became less rigid and uncomfortable. Jennifer, armed with a few formula options given by Dr. Kelly, she took her into a quiet room and fed her now-calm baby, Finley’s first full-sized meal of her life. “Now, she’s able to sleep for hours at a time and eat five ounces without crying. All of the puffiness in her face was gone after that first visit,” Jennifer said a week later. “She’s a totally different baby.” These kinds of results may sound too good to be true, but clicking through Dr. Kelly’s Buckhead Wellness Center YouTube channel makes it apparent that seemingly miraculous results are common for the doc, who has been honing his skills for the better part of 32 years. Because he takes a multifaceted approach, leveraging things like nutrition, brain chemistry and much more, tailored to each patient, he’s had astounding success treating conditions not typically associated with chiropractic. He’s treated patients with autism, cancer, depression, arthritis and much more, in concert with the patient’s effort, their medical communities and their holistic team. A PASSION FOR HEALTH When clients begin work with Dr. Kelly, they can expect to open with the full story—their health history, what brought them in and what they hope to accomplish through treatment. As a chiropractor, the nervous system is a primary focus, no matter the type of treatment and therapy. The healing comes from within the patient, and Dr. Kelly serves as the health coach to educate on how best to achieve optimal health, wellness and vitality. One of the biggest differences in Dr. Kelly’s work as a chiropractor as opposed to that of a medical doctor is that, rather than seeking a symptom that matches a diagnosis and a corresponding drug, he seeks the root of the imbalance or disease causing symptoms and pursues the best course of treatment to alleviate the cause itself. When he was a child, Dr. Kelly’s family doctor had a very naturalistic approach, so he was inspired to be involved in health and wellness. Yet, he didn’t feel drawn to traditional medicine. Rather, he was interested in preventive health. His calling found him at age 24, after he injured his back carrying building supplies. “[My brother] took me to a chiropractor and he saw me one time—I went in crooked and came out straight,” Dr. Kelly recalls. “That trained me to have a ‘see your patients once’ mentality. My philosophy is to help people figure out the important things to fix so they can stay healthy.” Dr Kelly’s practice is based entirely on referrals, some patients coming from as far away as Saudi Arabia and New Zealand. Ultimately, he sees himself as an educator, helping give his patients the resources for them to stay in balance and therefore healthy. “I’ve had patients who have been to medical doctors and can’t find answers, so they come to me,” Kelly says. “I’m a primary health care provider that is a drugless physician, I help people to understand what they can do, to regain, and maintain good health.” Because of his comprehensive approach to health, patients might be surprised to have Dr. Kelly give them advice on everything from vitamin supplements to nutrition to orthotics to help balance the spine from the ground up. He spends concerted time with each of his patients and constructs a plan to uniquely address their needs and concerns. Just like for baby Finley, the results of such an approach can feel astounding and lifechanging, and ultimately, they can be just a visit away. Graduating from Life Chiropractic College in 1985, Dr. Tim Kelly has since spread his message and restored the health of individuals from New Zealand to New York. Dedicated to promoting community awareness of the power of individuals to heal themselves through understanding self help, he helps you find your solution to a long and health life. Make an appointment today! Email Dr. Kelly: (404) 477-1589 3575 Piedmont Rd. NE 15 Piedmont Center Plaza 130 Atlanta, GA 30305 2 CommunityProfiles >> 2017

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