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2018 Upstate Craft Beer Passport Design Kit

Iron Hill Brewery &

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant was founded by home brewers Kevin Finn, Mark Edelson and restaurateur Kevin Davies in Newark, Delaware in 1996. Each location is created to fit the founding principles of great beer and great, fresh food, thus all employ both a head chef and a head brewer, according to information released by the company. The Greenville brewery and restaurant will be outfitted for on-site brewing and with seating for a combined 250 patrons in a main dining room, a bar area and an outdoor space. The restaurant will feature “fresh from scratch fare,” according to Iron Hill co-founder, Kevin Finn, as well as a rotating selection of craft beers. 741 HAYWOOD RD, GREENVILLE, SC 29607 WWW.IRONHILLBREWERY.COM/GREENVILLE-SC Recommended Flight Iron Hill Light Lager Vienna Red Lager White Iron Wit Witberry General Manager James Gardner /IronHillBreweryGreenville /IronHillBrewery /IronHillBrewery Opening Spring 2018! Check website for official hours of operation and offerings. STAMP HERE PAGE TWENTY-ONE PAGE TWENTY-TWO

Opening Spring/Summer 2018! Fireforge is a small-batch brewery and tasting room opening in Spring/Summer 2018. They believe people are special and unique, and that every person deserves to experience the best in life. Check website for official hours of operation and offerings. Fireforge is on a never-ending journey to ignite guests’ spirit of adventure and exploration of craft beer and other locallyand regionally-made beverages and foods. They look forward to helping you build a flight that fulfills your hopes and dreams. Because they are in the process of opening at the time of this printing, check their Facebook page for up-to-date opening news and tasting room hours. 741 HAYWOOD RD, GREENVILLE, SC 29607 WWW.FIREFORGE.BEER /fireforgebeer /fireforgebeer /fireforgebeer Brew Master Brian Cendrowski Nicole Cendrowski STAMP HERE PAGE TWENTY-THREE PAGE TWENTY-FOUR

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