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2018 Upstate Craft Beer Passport Design Kit


BONUS ROUND! TOURS AVAILABLE SAT 1:00P & 4:00P HOURS MON-SAT 12-6:20P SUN CLOSED An improbable affair. A daring escape. And a race against all odds for her to save him from a Cherokee attack. This is the stuff of legend. A legend born in South Carolina, like us. You see, this distillery rests on a piece of the very land that the maiden raced across to save the love of her life. And like her we’re driven by a great passion: one that for us is a labor of love to create liquors that are nothing short of legendary. Made with only South Carolina grains. Meticulously watched over. Cared for every step of the way. Nurtured over time. Crafted By Hand and Heart. 3109 HIGHWAY 153, POWDERSVILLE, SC WWW.SIXANDTWENTYDISTILLERY.COM /sixandtwenty /SixandTwentyD /sixandtwenty Founders Robert Redmond (l) David Raad (r) STAMP HERE PAGE THIRTY-THREE PAGE THIRTY-FOUR

BONUS ROUND! HOURS MON-SAT 9-7P SUN CLOSED Red Bordner Distillery was established in October 2014 in Boiling Springs. Red Bordner Distillery is making liquor the only way Red Bordner knows how, except now it’s legal to buy and share! Mixing every mash in-house himself and using only 100% raw products, he is able to assure every bottle they make is the highest quality Spirits of its kind. Their KICK BACK COVE MOONSHINE is a unique line of whiskeys including both clear and flavored moonshines. Today, Red Bordner’s Kick Back Cove moonshine offers a similar drinking experience to the moonshine of old. 4200 PARRIS BRIDGE RD, BOILING SPRINGS, SC WWW.REDBORDNERDISTILLERY.COM /Red-Bordner-Distillery /Kickbackcove /redbordnerdistillery Founder Red Bordner STAMP HERE PAGE THIRTY-FIVE PAGE THIRTY-SIX

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