5 months ago

FUBU's Birthday party

Wormhole Bistro 8. Juni

Wormhole Bistro 8. Juni 2015 · Uz hab bringed ofer sum sweets frum home... da furst batsh wid wiet, braun an black tshokalaet be harmless, da udder batsh in da paepas be wid sum of da littul kick in dem... Da next selektshyun be da Zotter stuff, an Mama saee dat be da bestest tshokalaet ebber. Oh, an da heep on da end be owr own expurrimants. April Lazarus Anything chocolate sounds good to me! 'Lisa starts putting them in her pockets for later' Lisa Fisher just like Frosty the Frozen Kitten!!

Wormhole Bistro *Muff* me dint seez nuffin auntie April Lisa Fisher WHEW!! FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" He,He,He,He, Mewr funny Miss April!! Pookie & Starlight Shoold me bring ya sum taek awaee bag? April Lazarus Yes please Pookie. 'nom nom nom' Wormhole Bistro Me bringed da big wun, if ya no maind... dan enuff of da sweets, no worree! Dere be moar Lisa Fisher THANKS Pookie!! April Lazarus Perfect, thanks Pookie! Wormhole Bistro Uz hab owr sorzes...

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