1 week ago

FUBU's Birthday party

Tina Fariss Barbour

Tina Fariss Barbour *hugs FUBU and gives him a kiss* Christina Pacheco Cheers Fubu, ( Purrfect, Princess, Zingers and brother Charlie) Denise Grissom Cheers FUBU Big Pook Cheers buddy! Melissa Silvia Cheers Fubu Lisa Fisher Cheers bu Johanna Duffek-Kowal (raises her glass) Happy Birthday, Prince Fubu! May all your wishes come true and may love always be by your side! Lisa Yost Cheers Fubu Carolyn Burger Cheers Fubu! Precious Jezzie Cheers Tina Fariss Barbour Here's to you, Fubu! Happy Birthday, and may you have many more!! FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Thank Mew very much EVERYPAWTY!!!!!! Me LUBS Mew ALL!!! Pat Gancarski Happy Birthday FUBU!

Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie Happy Birfday tu yu, Happy Birfday tu yu, Happy Birfday dear FUBU, Happy Birfday tu yu. Maryann Leinbach Harding Oh Boy! We lubs FUBU wiff all our little hearts. Buffster. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Amanda Estep To FUBU! Inky the Fluff Boy and family cheers to Fubu!!!! Wormhole Bistro 8. Juni 2015 · Anyone for a mousegerita? *Quincey shakes up his cocktail shaker and pours carefully* Denise Grissom sure why not....I will have one with your mom Kim Wormhole Bistro *Lucy Lu* mew Denise, so good to see you today!! Enjoy you wonderful mousegerita. Quincey is the best!!!

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