4 months ago

FUBU's Birthday party

Denise Grissom I will

Denise Grissom I will beautiful girl....hope you and your guy are having the best day ever....hugs Wormhole Bistro oh yes Auntie Denise. It is pawsome to see FUBU today and help with his 16th Birthday Pawty. We have such great cooks and a wonderful brew master. ::gives Auntie Denise a hug:: Denise Grissom hug back Lisa Fisher sure!! i can't drive so i can drink!!! Wormhole Bistro *Muff* me dontz drive either mol enjoy da mouseferita dere Auntie Lisa! Big Pook Yes please! Wormhole Bistro *Lucy Lu* mew Big Pook!! Enjoy this wonderful special brew!! April Lazarus Looks like chocolate, so yes please! Wormhole Bistro *Muff* right here fur yu dere Auntie April. bottomz up! Pam Jones Baird me please Wormhole Bistro Hai, Auntie Pam! Me bring yawr drinkie rite up! Carolyn Burger So yummy!!!! Wormhole Bistro *Lucy Lu* Quincey will appreciate. He is the master of the brew FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Me too please, please, please!!

Wormhole Bistro Comin rites up FUBU but first mew must come n sits on mew's Throne! Wormhole Bistro *Lucy Lu* Oh FUBU!! You are going to luv this!!! Quincey is a brew master!!! ::paws the glass to FUBU:: April Lazarus You need to take this throne home Fubu. It's perfect for our Persian Prince. FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Me will Miss April, Thank Mew very much for the THROWN EVERYPAWTY!! Denise Grissom Looking like a king....and your are... Tina Fariss Barbour You look so royal on your throne, FUBU!! Wormhole Bistro LUCY Lu* OMC!!!! You look so FUBUTASTIC!! Pat Gancarski Pat comes into the bistro with The Ginger Boys and Charlie Girl. Wormhole Bistro Oh, Hai Auntie Pat an Collin an Dillon, Luke an Charlie Girl! Pat Gancarski The Ginger Boys ~ Hi Starli! Pat & Charlie~ Hi Starli! Your looking very nice tonight, all dressed up for the party.

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