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FUBU's Birthday party

April Lazarus Lisa,

April Lazarus Lisa, Spooky and I sing along and give a round of applause Wormhole Bistro Shad clapie him's paws tugethers ans lets out da wolfie whistle! WHOOT WHOOT Wormhole Bistro *Muff & Lucy Lu clap their paws as hard as they can:: whoo hoo!! OMC! they are so good!!! FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" They are PAWSOME girly!!! WHOOHOO, WHOOHOO!!! Pat Gancarski For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, For he's a jolly good fffeeeellllooowww which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny, which nobody can deny. For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow. For he's a jolly good fellow, Which nobody can denyyyy April Lazarus 'Spooky faints again' Wormhole Bistro Which no pawdy cans denyyyyyyy! as Shad sings long wiff him's Brudders! Pookie & Starlight ♪ ♫ Meaooo.... ♪ Christina Pacheco Clap, clap, clap......Charlie get away from the nip cake.... Wormhole Bistro mol mol mol Sunshine & Jasmine the felines *sings Happy Birthday* Mauri Bennett Sparkle miracle kitty swoon...

Wormhole Bistro *Muff* dey beez mighty hansome. juz breath slow n deep n yu beez OK Wormhole Bistro Sumspawdy gets da nip tu wabs unner Sparkle's nosie, her swooned too! Pat Gancarski Collin take s step for forward. This song was written just for you FUBU. Auntie, Unkies, all you cats out there. This song only the kitties will know the words. You are all invited to clap to the melody. Puuuuurrrrr, puuuuuurrrr, Puuurrrr,puuurrrr.puuuurrr Mew, mew, mew, meeewww, Meeeoooowww, meeeoooowww, Meow,meow,meow, New,mew, mew, new Mmmeeeeoooowwww Mmmeeeeoooowwww Meeeoooowww Meeeoooowww Ppppuuuurrrr,ppppuuurrrr, Pppuuurrr,pppuuurrr, Mmmmeeeeoooowwww Mmmmeeeroooowwww Ppuurr,puuurrr, puurr purrr,purr Meow,meow, meow Purrr Pookie & Starlight Meoooh... so tutshin, an lifelee at da saem taim! Pat Gancarski We hope your enjoyed that FUBU and all you cats here tonight. April Lazarus The best concert ever! April Lazarus Spooky sings along while Lisa and I clap.

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