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FUBU's Birthday party

Johanna Duffek-Kowal

Johanna Duffek-Kowal Good evening, Sammi! Great that you could come down! Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie***Sammi*** Hewwo Auntie Johanna. It bes gud tu sees yu. Michelle Frontin Bresette Sammi Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie***Sammi*** Hewwo dere Auntie Michelle, it bes gud tu sees yu. Mauri Bennett Sparkle miracle kitty So good to see you here!!!! Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie***Sammi*** It gud tu sees yu here Auntie Mauri n Sparkle. Dis da bery speshul day fur mai furiend FUBU. Lill Woolweber Sammi.. good to see you... you have beautiful Angel Wings... ♥ Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie***Sammi*** Thanks yu Auntie Lill. It bery gud dat yu come n mades da day speshul fur FUBU. Lill Woolweber My boy Chester is here too... Wormhole Bistro awwww so cute Hi chester!

Lill Woolweber Chester says meow.. very happy to celebrate with FUBU.. TY for having us over... ♥ ♥ Johanna Duffek-Kowal Hi, Chester! Wormhole Bistro Shadow goes obers ans puts out him's paw tu shakie Sammi's paw, it sew gud tu sees mew gains me gud buddy, me sees mew dueing bery gud up der ans watchin ober us awl, fank mew! Sammi da Bear Managed by Brudder Freddie***Sammi*** Yu lookin weal gud Shad mai furiend. Ai bes watchin ober yu takin cawe of da twolls down dere fur mei. Ai gots tu goes back soon, but ai sees yu again when ai gets mai next pass. Wormhole Bistro Mew betcha buddy, mew takie cares up der ans we takie cares down here, SC Cooper ans I lookie abter da Bistro weally guds, fanks tu mew's trainin stouffs. Wormhole Bistro 8. Juni 2015 · Shad goes back tu da jukie box ans plays dis one fur da dancie too, Stray Cats - Rock this town LIVE Great show! YOUTUBE.COM

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