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FUBU's Birthday party

Wormhole Bistro Fank mew

Wormhole Bistro Fank mew sew muchie Spot, mmm des are bery guds, me likie dems Wormhole Bistro (looks around) Oh deer... It be da mirakul uz no be owt of glasses yet... (takes a big tray and starts collecting empty glasses and plates) Dat gonna be da lot of trips inta da kitshun... Starlie! Lend ma da paw, will ya? - On da waee, big brudder! Johanna Duffek-Kowal (yawns discreetely) Ooopsie... it's almost four in the morning back home... I guess I'll better drink up and find my way through the wormhole! I just hate to leave such a great party... Oh well, it's no help... I do need some sleep every now and then... Pookie & Starlight See ya in da mornin, Mama - uz halp kleen up heer, kaee? - Uz gonna hab da kaffee reddee wenn ya komm ofer, purrmize! Wormhole Bistro 8. Juni 2015 · Dis bes frum FUBU tu Miss Lucy Lu wiff awl him's lubs FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" to Wormhole Bistro

8. Juni 2015 · For my Baby Doll, Lucy Lu!!! Thank Mew girly for making this my BEST BIRFDAY EVER, Me LUBS Mew with ALL MY LITTLE PERSIAN HEART, MUAH!!! Mauri Bennett Sparkle miracle kitty awwww FUBU loves his Miss Lucy LU!!! Lucy Lu Cove awwwww FUBU, it so cute and the flowers so beautiful!!! Thank you so much!!! I luvs them and you too!! ;;gives FUBU a hug:: FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Hope Mew will come home with Me and spend the night girly!!! Spot The Seizure Cat This is so precious! You two are purrfect together! Angel Girl dey sure bees, jus like yu n me Spot The Seizure Cat Yep, My Angel Girl, they have a special Love, just like us! FUBU "Momma's Little Lover Boy" Thank Mew Spot buddy and Angel Girly!! Celeste Patricia Urrutia Sanchez Beautiful gift for a beautiful girlfriend... true love Janet Forster Naismith You are a lucky girl Lucy Lu. Big brown Ted and beautiful Roses.

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