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FUBU's Birthday party

FUBU left this world on

FUBU left this world on the 4 th of April, 2018 Wormhole Bistro 10 th of April 2018 We habs received sums bery sad news tuday. Our gud n dear furrend Fubu habs crossed da Rainbow Bridge ans we wuds likie fur mew tu joins us in dem prayers fur him's family purrlease Janie Gove so sorry I already told his mom that I was sorry Gwen Hickford Pumpkin, Muffin and Jake bow their heads in prayer. We knew FUBU too. HoneyBun's Mews Me and Meomy used to check in on FUBU and Miss Kimberly all da time. He taked berry good care of her. We iz going to miss him. Audra Gednalske I don’t think I knew Fubu, my condolences to his mom and friends

Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Him hab faeet so ferree hard ta staee wid himz Mommy... SIGH... :( At leest, him hab leef behaind all da paeen an stuff, too... Neao, him be all well an komfortabel agaeen! :/ Lauren Spiridigliozzi He was my furriend, too. I have been following his progress beating cancer and amazed by his will to live. God bless him he lived 5 years longer than the vet predicted!! I will miss him a lot. xoxo Jon Adams He lived 25 minutes from me. Been crying all day. Alli J Stukins So sad . He was one of the first pages I followed when I first joined . Me and my Furbabies send prayers and condolences at this sad time ゚マ ᄏ ゚マ ᄏ Run Free FUBU Johanna Duffek-Kowal I still remember his birthday party here at the Bistro... such a lovely boy... He was Kim Carter I remember that also. He and Lucy Lu had a great time! Thank you for doing that Liz Reeve I never knew there had been a party for him. Somehow I must have missed it. I'm sorry. Johanna Duffek-Kowal It was three years ago - well, two years and ten months, to be precise...

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