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2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

2018-02-16 Chinese New

G e f ä l l t m i r L o v e H a h a W o w T r a u r i g W ü t e n d HoneyBun's Mews Dem doggies gonna be berry, berry busy for da next year. I hope dey also haz fun. Wormhole Bistro At leest, uz gonna maek shoor dem get da good noms! Pat Gancarski Pat ~ Our Jessie Gurl has lots of growing up to do over the next year, so she's going to be very busy! Wormhole Bistro Good mornin, furends, and a happee Tshaineez Nyoo Yeer! yeer da doggies dat start tadaee! It be da Mabel's girls allreddee hab set dem tabels an load da buffet, da salads an froots bar an da breds an paestrees displaee fur ya, an uz, of korze, hab purrpaer sum da niez brekkie noms! Dere be da Tshaineez brekkie dumplins frum Oreo, da brekkie fridattas wid da fresh fedshies, da klassikal English brekkie plaets, da panneekaekies rolls wid da salmon, da smoked boneless fishies-froots on da fedshies beddie, an da yooshual offa da waffelz an Frentsh toasties, da gritz an oatmeels an da palatschinken an panneekaekies wid wutebba ya liek, an of korze da lots da fresh kaffee, hot kakao, tees, tshoozies, smoofies an shaekies! So, komm on ofer an endshoee da niez brekkie wid uz, furends!

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