7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Secuwity Chief Cooper

Secuwity Chief Cooper Here bes anuther one. It seem dey chosed da Bistro tu haves da fambly weunion cuz dey heared it wuz fun heres n bery safe n fwiendwy. Wormhole Bistro Dem shoor hab komm ta da rite plaez! Secuwity Chief Cooper Da mowe fwiends, da better. We mites needs tu 'xpands da menu summ. Pat Gancarski Cool! A Family reunion! A dinosaur family reunion party! I think Troubie and Pookie need to cook more food! Janie Gove Wormhole Bistro Oh, kyoot - da littul wun be plaeein wid da faeer!

Wormhole Bistro It bei taim fur da maen noms, furends! An of korze, it be da Tshaineez noms tadaee! Dere be da sweet zoopie wid da lotuz seedz, longan an persimonn, da been tshellie noodelz wid da tshillie sauze, da Szetshooan orandshes tshickie, da tshickie lo maeen, da spring rolls wid da diffarant fillinz, da braeezd boneless traut-froots in da hot tshillies beenz sauze, da deep fraeed shrimpies, an da buffet da lots da diffarant Tshaineez speshyullateez! Wut maee uz serf ya, furends? Susan Siefers May I have some veggie spring rolls please, with green tea. Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi> Hi der Auntie Susan,I haz fer youse da veggie spring rolls wiff da nice green tea.. Susan Siefers Thanks, Lexi. I see HoneyBun coming out of the movie room. She has been checking out the blankie fort. Will you please bring her some kitty milk and some trout (no sauce, just plain) and some shrimpies. Wormhole Bistro Dere be sum da toona treets in da sortmant da speshyullateez, too!

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