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2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Buck (Zooms over and

Buck (Zooms over and hugs everyone) Hai der furends. Iz has fur alw da kittehs da deeply fryed shrimpz an nipsy colas, fur Bea an Charlei Gurl iz has da orange schiken an schiken lo mine an tou da nipsy colas, fur Jessie Gurl iz has da deeply fryed shrimpz an da sprung roolz an da nipsy cola, fur Unkie Doug iz has da bwaised boneless twout in hot chili's been sauze, da deeply fryed shrimps, anb da large mug da beer, an fur Auntie Pat iz has da bowl da sweet zoup wiff da lotuz seeds an da persimmon, da noodles an chili sauze, da sprung rolls, da deeply fryed shrimps, an da icy tee wiff da lemon. Eet wells. The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Hai der Buck why not mew n da luberly Miss Oreo joins us fur noms ans boy due dem shurs sniffs grate GMa Pat as dem awl goes n gibs huggies n cheeky kissies Buck (Rushes to the kitchen and back) Heer uz is Shad an Skits. The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Skits jumps up awl smiles n pulls out da chair fur him's bootiful Lub Miss Oreo ans gibs her huggies n smoooches n den gibs Buck da huggie too Miss Oreo Dank mew kindly Skits my handsum gentlecat. Pat Gancarski Pat~ Thank you Buck! Everything looks great! Buck Mews is so bewy ekspeshually welkom Auntie Pat. Pat Gancarski Pat~ It's nice to have you all here with us for dinner! Wormhole Bistro Dank ya fur da komplimant, Auntie Pat! Dawn Barela Hi Again Kids! May I have the orange chicken, the chicken lo mein, Some pork spring rolls and icy green tea please? Buck (Zooms over) Haiya Auntie Dawn. Iz has fur mew da orange schiken, sum da schiken lo mine, da porky sprung rolls, an da icy gween tee. Enshooy mewr choizes.

Dawn Barela Thanks Buck!! Everything is YUMMY!! Buck Mew is exstwemely welkom Auntie Dawn. Dawn Barela Thank you!! Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Oh, WOW - you kids really don't do things by halves...! We'll have the full menu, please, with jasmine tea and beer - and chicken shakes for the kids, please! Buck (Zooms over) Welkom agin my goud furends. IZ has fur mew fibe times da full noms menu, da pot da jazmine tee, tou da mugs da cool beer, an dree da sciken shakes wiff da bakon stwaws. Bon Appurtite. Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Thank you very much, Buck! Buck Mew is awl ekspecually welkom Auntie Johanna an Unkie Buig Bear, an da fambily tou. The Dragon Gang Uz kan hazz nomzzz, too, pleezzze? An owr rellatiffzz ffrum ffar awaee, too? Buck (Zooms over) Hai der Dragon Gang an owr new furends frum farz away. IZ has fur mews eech da full noms menu, da pot da dragon roasted koffee, an foor da pitchers da nipsy cola, an da pot da jazmine tee. Enshooy mewr meels an welkom agin owr new furend.

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