2 weeks ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

The Dragon Gang Thhhank

The Dragon Gang Thhhank ya fferree mutsshh, Buck! wunderffull! Thhat izzz Buck Mew awls is bery, bery, ekstwemely welkoms. The Dragon Gang Wormhole Bistro Fur da Tshaineez Nyoo Yeer, of korze uz need ta hab sum da speshyul drinks, too! Dere be da Dragon Breff kocktaeel, da Nyoo Yeer'z Kocktaeel wid lemmon an dshindsha, da Taiga an Kraen Kocktael, da tradishyunal Realgar Wine, an da sweet bubbelz tee. Maee me offa ya wun of deez?

Janie Gove dragons breath cocktail please Wormhole Bistro Wun Dragon Breff kommin rite up, Auntie Janie! Johanna Duffek-Kowal Mmmh... yeah, two Dragon Breaths, please, and I would like to try that Tiger And Crane Cocktail, too! Wormhole Bistro Too da Dragon Breffz an wun Taiga an Kraen on da waee, Mama! Dawn Widener Pratt Hi there, Troubie. Breath cocktail, please. I simply have to try that amazing Dragon Wormhole Bistro Hai, Auntie Dawn! waee ta ya! Wun Dragon Breff be on da Dawn Widener Pratt Thank you, Troubie. Oh, that is delicious. Wormhole Bistro Ya be wellkomm, Auntie Dawn! endshoee! Pleeze Linda Jablonski Hassa Wormhole Bistro Hai, Auntie Linda! up! Wun Dragon Breff kommin

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