5 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Pat Gancarski Pat ~

Pat Gancarski Pat ~ Thank you Starli! Pat Gancarski Pat,~ Thank you Buck! The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Hai der Buck wuds mew n Miss Oreo Lub likie tu joins us fur da brake ans sums Serts wiff us? GMa Pat ans da family we bes sorry we bes late but we hears now as dem boff gibs da whole family huggies n cheeky kissies Buck Mews is bery welkoms. Wez be right der fambily. Pat Gancarski Pat ~ Its okay Kids you worked hard today and there was lots to do in the kitchen. Pat Gancarski Pat~ Yes Buck you are family! Pat hugs and kisses Buck. Janie Gove almond cookies please Wormhole Bistro Da plaet da allmond kookies kommin rite up, an wood ya liek da kaffee or da tee wid dem, Auntie Janie? Janie Gove kaffee please Wormhole Bistro Da kup da kaffee gonna be rite heer fur ya, Auntie Janie! Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Yeah, we do understand the problem you had there, kids... WE can't decide, either! Can we please have our usual evening coffee with the desserts? Wormhole Bistro Troubie an me gonna be rite heer wid da sertz an yawr kaffee, Mama an Papa - an wid owr toona shaekies an Pookie, of korze!

Jon Adams *slides back in on real from da werks, gathers plate ob sweets and drinks from stasis fongy* "display obertimez make me da hungree" * sits down to nomz snaks" Wormhole Bistro Iz has baked da wittle cakie to celebwate da daee. Enshooy. Pookie & Starlight & Troubie> Wow, dat kaekie be GORDSHEAUZ, Oreo! Miss Oreo (Blushed) Dank mew kindly Pookie, Starlie, an Troubie.

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