7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Janie Gove Buck (Zooms

Janie Gove Buck (Zooms over) HAi Auntie Janie. Iz has fur mew one da large slize da cakie, da large bowl da whippy cweams, an da large mug da hot cocoa wiff da whippy cweams on da tops. Linda Jablonski Hassa Ooooh Buck (Zooms over) Hai Auntie Linda. Iz has fur mew da large slize da cakie, da bowl da whippy cweams, an da nize chokolate latte. Enshooy. Linda Jablonski Hassa Buck Thanks ever so much! Buck Mew iz bery ekstwemely welkom Auntie Linda. Pat Gancarski Pat~ What a beautiful cake! Miss Oreo Dank mew so musch Auntie Pat. Wuld mew awl like sum slizes of it? Pat Gancarski Pat ~ Yes, Thank you Miss Oreo. But a small piece, I'm so full tonight. Wormhole Bistro Gooood - dat meen uz hab maek it rite! Miss Oreo Heer mew is Auntie Pat. Iz pakked da small slize in da to go box so mew kan enshooy it when mew is not so full. Pat Gancarski Pat~ Thank you Miss Oero! Bring it upstairs with me and have will we watch tv later tonight. It does look and smell wonderful!

Miss Oreo Mew is welkom Auntie Pat. (She hugs her before she leaves) The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters OHHHH me Lub Miss Oreo bes gorgeous cakie dat mew makie tuday ans mew bes gorgeous too dat Miss Oreo (Blushes) Dank mew my sweet Skits. Iz lubs mew. Lauren Spiridigliozzi Beautiful! Buck (Zooms over) Hai Auntie Lauren an Miss Priss. Iz has fur mews tou da slizes da cakie, an tou da hot cocoas wiff da whippy cweams on da tops. Lauren Spiridigliozzi Thank you, Buck! Secuwity Chief Cooper Dat awlmosts tu purrty tu cuts. Ai thinks yu gots tu cuts it anyways. Ai wouwd wikes da two pieces n ai knows dere bes uther what want da swice or tu heres awlso. Buck (Zooms over) Hai Secuwity Chief Cooper. Iz has fur mew da large tou slizes of cakie, an da bowl da whippy cweams, an da mug da hot cocoa wiff da whippy cweams. Melinda Allen Clinton Yummy Buck (Zooms over) Hai Auntie Melinda. Iz has fur mew da large slize da cakie, da bowl da whippy cweams, an da mug da chamomile herbal tee. Enshooy! Melinda Allen Clinton Thank you Buck Mew is bery welkom Auntie Melinda.

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