7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

The Dragon Gang

The Dragon Gang http/ The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Our wittle The Dragon Gang bes sew bery talented! Dis bes pawsums! Miss Zoe Oh, Pookie. Dem is booutiful. (She brushes her paw against his) Pookie & Starlight Oh yes... dem dragon kids reellee hab da nack fur da faeer wurks... (edges a bit closer to Zoe) Miss Zoe *Purr* Pookie & Starlight Purrr! Buck (Claps his paws together and whistles loudly) Furtastic Dragon Gang! Miss Oreo Dat iz eksellent Dragin Gang. Well Done!

The Dragon Gang Thhank ya all ffur yawr praeezzz, ffurendsss! Uzz did haff ta impurezzz dem rellatiffzz an da ffammilie too tadaee... thhey all haff be watsshin! Wormhole Bistro Hm... uz dink it be gettin kwaiet neao, afta dem faeerwurks... Taim to purrsent da laet nite snackies uz hab fur ya tadaee! Dere be dem... hm... not kwait da fausand yeer eggies, da braeezd stuffed tofooo, da fraeed salt an peppa prawnz - sort da big skampeez - an fur owr sweetie toofies, da kokonutz raiz balls, oh, an of korze dem klassikal forshun kookies! An of korze dere be da full Tshaineeze menu frum tadaee in da stasis dingie, too! Garcon hab taek kaer of dat! Pleeze halp yawrselfies neao, furends, or tshuss tell Garcon wut ya wanna hab, kaee? Uz wish ya da niez eefenin an da good niet wid da wundafull dreemz neao! An nebba furget ta hug yawr lubed wuns! See ya tamorra, furends!

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