2 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Wormhole Bistro Neao,

Wormhole Bistro Neao, dem taebels be set fur ya, furends, an uz hab da menu for da Lantern Feest reddee! Dere be da beef an noodels zoopie, da luckee fishie in da sweet an sauer sauze, da "tang yuen", dat be da raiz dumplins, in da tshickie zoopie, da too kainds da deep fraeed troll peezes wid da fedshies, da "banh-bao", dat be dem flowar dumplins, da baekd sweet an sauer tshickies, dem eggplantz in da garlickie sauze, da fraeed shrimpies, an da yu-shenk, da Canton stail raw fishie-froots salad. Oh, in in good remembaranz of wut uz ow dem Tshaineeze, dem pasghettiez karbonara, as dem pasghettiez be da Tshaineez infentshun! An of korze, uz hab all da hot an da kold drinks dat ya liek, inkludin da lots da Tshaineez tees! Wut maee uz serf ya, furends?

Audra Gednalske Nom nom nom noms Buck (Zooms over) Hai Auntie Audra an welkom bakk. Iz has fur mew da full noms menu an da large glasz da nipsy kola. Enshooy mewr meel. Audra Gednalske thank you Buck ❤ ❤ Buck Mew is bery, bery welkom Auntie Audra. Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Big Bear> Wow, now THAT'S a festival menu...! I bet our Dragon Gang's family loves the way you kids celebrate the end of the Chinese New Year festival! Can we please have some beer and lots of hot jasmine tea to go with our dinner - and, if our kids have time to join us, the usual chicken shakes for them? Buck (Zooms over) Hai der agin. We duz like to pawty at any schance wez gets. Iz has fur mews fibe times da full menu, da pot da hot jazmine tee, tou da mugs da beer, an dree da schikie shakes wiff da bakon stwaws. Enshooy! Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Big Bear> Thank you very much, Buck! Oh yes... I know that you kids just LOVE to celebrate EVERYBODY'S holidays, if that means a good party here! Buck Mews is bery welkoms. Yez da moure to celwabrate da betturz.

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