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2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Johanna Duffek-Kowal &

Johanna Duffek-Kowal & Good morning, friends! Ah, yes, Chinese New Year... we hope we're gonna get some fireworks later! For now, can we please have our usual tea time snack with lots of coffee, please? And a little snack with valerian tea for the kids, they sure need a break after prepairing this morning feast! Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi> Hi der Bear & famly> I haz da order as 3 da full teatime snack menu,wiff 2 hot coffes an 3 nice valerian teas...right away fer youse. Johanna Duffek-Kowal Thank you very much, Lexi-Girl! nice again today! Oh, you look really Nicki Czalbowski Flick lexi> fanks youse .. Pat Gancarski Good morning everybody! Jessie Gurl ~ May I has da waffles wif fresh strawberries and whippie cream and a Cocoa please. All if the kitties agree they'd like just the salmon and nip tea please. Unkie Doug~ I'll have a stack of 4 pancakes with maple syrup an orange juice and a large mug of black coffee please. Bea and Charlie Girl ~ We would bof like the French toast with budda, maple syrup and a glass of Chocolate milk for each of us. Pat~ I'd like a Fresh Fruit plate and a coffee with creamer please. We need 5 Straw berry banana smoothies for our kids in the gym. Please leave them in the Stasis they will find them. Thank you!, Wormhole Bistro Good mornin, Auntie Pat an da familie! me gonna kaer fur yawr brekkie rite awaee! Lexi an Pat Gancarski Thank you Starli and Lexi! Nicki Czalbowski Flick Lexi>I haz da brekkies right here on da trolley-I haz waffles wiff da fresh strawberries & ob course whippy creams wiff cocoa fer Jessie gurl,fer da kitties I haz just sum salmon & nip tea,unca Doug,I haz da stack ob 4 annycakes an syrup,da OJ an mug ob coffee-Bea & Charlie gurl I haz French toasties wiff da butta an syruo an da nice glass ob chocolate milk times 20Auntie Pat,I haz da fresh fruit plate & da coffee wiff creamer--Der will beez 5 strawberry/banana smoothies in stasis fer da guys,when dey is don in gym.

The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Outs frum da gym awl squeaky cleans comes dat 5 kitties, talkin n laffin ans dem goes n gets dem's Smooothies frum da Stasis ans goes tu joins da family n gibs dem awl huggies n cheeky kissies ans da pecial huggie fur Maw/ Auntie/ GMa Pat Mornin eberypawdys Pat Gancarski Pat~ Thank you Lexi! Pat Gancarski Pat hears laughter and knows her boys are coming to the table. Smoothies in paws and laughter coming from all 5 cats. Yup! There's my boys! Pat hugs and kisses them all. I'm glad you are all here. We have company. Dragons and their family are having a reunion here today! The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Really? Dat bes pawsums GMa Pat, us wunners wat da pecial occashun bes but dem bes most weliecomes here ans tu joins us! Pat Gancarski It could be a party for the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the Dog. But Dragons are always a big part of Chinese celebrations. It's a party and that means fun! They heard the bistro is a great place to party! The Brothers: Angel Shadow Man and Skitters Boy, GMa Pat dem Dragons bes sew rites bouts our pawties ans we shur due lubs dem ans we lubs our Dragons too Dawn Barela Good morning Pookie, Starlie, Troubie and Lexi!! May I have the dumplings, a frittata with sausage and cheese, French toast with butter, powdered sugar and maple syrup, chocolate pannycakes with chocolate chips, butter and lots of whippy creams and a pot of strong English breakfast tea with creams and sugars? Wormhole Bistro Owr Lexi-Girl be heer, an allreddee bizzee at wurk - her must hab sneek in ferree kwaietlee tadaee ta tshaendsh!

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