8 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Wormhole Bistro An of

Wormhole Bistro An of korze da lots an LOTS da dragons! Dawn Barela Those are CLAWESOME decorations!! ❤

Buck Mew awl dids da gweat shob! The Dragon Gang Thhhank ya, Buck! Uzzz hafff hab lotzzz offf halp fffrum Garcon an Mabel an demzz boyzz an girlzz, an da lotzzz da good adffaizz ffrum owr rellatiffzz! Buck Dat bez da key Dragon Gang. Da kommunikashun an da kooroperashun. Miss Oreo Amazin! Well dun Dragon gang an Garcon, an eberypawdy. The Dragon Gang Thhank ya, Oreo! It hazz be ffun ta do it! Miss Oreo Mews is bery welkoms. Miss Zoe Dem is awl so gorjiouz. Iz likes da fludderbai one da bestest Pookie. Pookie & Starlight - Pookie: Uhm... yeah... dat wun be reellee niez... Miss Zoe ☺️ Pookie & Starlight - Pookie: Ah... wood ya liek ta taek da littul walk froo da garden wid me, ta see all dem lanternz? Dere be moar...

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