7 months ago

2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Miss Zoe Oh, yes.

Miss Zoe Oh, yes. Purrlease Pookie. (She puts out her paw) Pookie & Starlight - Pookie (gently takes Zoe's paw in his) Komm, dis waee... Look dere! Moar da flutterbais! Miss Zoe Dem is booutiful Pookie. Pookie & Starlight - Pookie: Oh yeah, dem shoor be... not half as byootefull as ya, but purrtee byootefull!

Wormhole Bistro Iz dat times agin furendz. Time to feed da sweetie teeffs. Wez has fur mews da sweet tang yuan (stikky rize dumplins), da nana fritturz, da Chinese new yeer mango puddin lucky koi, da Chinese red bean buns, da coco nut rize balls, da assorted Chinese serts, da Chinese fortune kookies, an da Chinese pineapply tartz. Der bez pwenty da whipy cweams an awl da sorts da dwinks. What may we serbs mew?

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