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2018-02-16 Chinese New Year

Audra Gednalske Always

Audra Gednalske Always the bestest!! The Dragon Gang

Wormhole Bistro Well itz looks like it bez gettin dat time agin. Mabel an da gurls iz busy cweenin, an Zoe an iz has da leftobers an snakks awl put into da stasis tingy. Buck iz sittin an westin his paws frum da dae da zoomin. Tunight uz has fur mew da Chinese black squid ink bagel brekkie sammies, da Chinese Honeycomb cookies, da kolorful cwesent moon dumplins, da mini Chinese peanut puffs, da Chinese gwilled sammies, da shrimp rolls, da twadishunal spwing rolls, da Chinese moon cakies wiff da hot tee, da stikky rize nana leaf parcels stuffed wiff da twoll, bakon, fish, chikie or sweet fillins, an da steemed bunz. Lexi haz left pwenty her whippy cweams an der bez pwenty da sorted dwinks to schioze frum as wellz. Nitey nites. Janie Gove shrimp rolls peanut puffs and rice nana leaf parcel with bacon please Buck (Zooms over) Goud ebbenin Auntie Janie. Iz has fur mew da shrimpie rolls, da mini peanut puffs, an da stikky rize nana leaf parcel wiff da bakon stuffin. Enshooy mewr snakks.

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